Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 799

Chapter 799: Domestic Violence (4)

It was unclear whether the beggar was stunned by the sudden enquiry or by Song Qingchun or honestly startled by her beauty, in any case, under the dim street lights, he stared at the girl before him for a long time without reacting.

Even though Song Qingchun was squatting before the beggar, her attention had remained focused on Su Zhinian. When she saw him stand up and walk toward them, her heart settled. Then, she tilted her head to the side and repeated her question. "Do you think I'm pretty?"

The beggar stared straight at Song Qingchun. He nodded a bit dumbly at her and stammered, "Prepretty."

"Do you like how I look?" Song Qingchun asked gently.

"Of, of course." After the beggar answered, his cheeks started to blush, and he lowered his head shyly. Su Zhinian could hear their conversation clearly and accelerated his speed.

"My name is Song Qingchun, what's yours?"

Through the corner of her eyes, she could see Su Zhinian hasten toward them, and Song Qingchun's mood improved. She cupped her head in her hands and continued chatting with the beggar.

"I, I, I" The beggar repeated 'I' many times before lowering his shame with shame and whispered, "I I don't have a name. My friends call me Two Balls."

Song Qingchun was startled. She did not think she could utter the words 'Two Balls', plus it sounded very disrespectful. She thought about it and said, "How about I call you Brother Two?"

Brother Two? Su Zhinian did not realize that he was basically jogging at this point.

The beggar scratched his head shyly and chuckled twice from this 'Brother Two' that escaped from Song Qingchun's lips.

Song Qingchun was silent for quite some time squatting before the beggar. It was not until she could hear Su Zhinian's footsteps clearly that she said, "Brother Two, you said that I'm pretty and you like how I look, so what if I ask you to marry me, will you do it?"

Su Zhinian stopped right about five meters behind Song Qingchun.

Will you marry me? The girl found a random beggar on the street to marry just to prove her point?

The beggar definitely did not see this coming. He had been begging on the streets for all of his life. People had given him money and food, but this was the first time that someone had donated a wedding proposal. He stared at Song Qingchun open-mouthed like he had lost his mind.

What does it mean that Su Zhinian has stopped? This method also fails?

Song Qingchun's heart dropped slightly, but her face maintained its soft glow. She whispered intimately to the beggar, "I'm Song Empire's young lady, and my brother is ST Empire's CEO. Well, the public doesn't know this yet, but my brother is very good to me. He gave me eight houses as a dowry, and they are all prime real estate in Beijing city."

Of course, he could hear the sarcasm in her voice. Su Zhinian, who stood not far away, uttered in a cold voice, "Song Qingchun, stop acting foolish, step away from that man!"

Song Qingchun continued like she had not even heard Su Zhinian. "Also, my brother has given me thirty percent of ST Empire's stock. If you marry me, that money will be yours, and you will not have to live on the streets anymore, so will you marry me?"