Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Living With A Temperamental Adonis 8
Chapter 8: Living With a Temperamental Adonis (8)
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After Su Zhinian said that, he continued his phone conversation and walked upstairs, showing them his cold, hard back.

Auntie Su was made uncomfortable by her son's crisp rejection, so she smiled apologetically at Song Qingchun. "Qingchun, don't take that to heart. That son of mine has always acted like this since he was a young boy."

Song Qingchun smiled and acted like she did not mind it. "It's okay, Auntie Su, I can go back on my own."

Before Song Qingchun arrived, she had planned on catching a ride from Su Zhinian, so she did not drive there. After bidding Auntie Su goodbye, she picked up phone and hailed a cab using the "Quber" service. Her ride was relatively far away, so she had quite some time to wait.

In the middle of winter, the hillside residential area had a lower temperature than the city. The wind was like needles piercing her bones, causing her to shiver in the cold.

Ten minutes later, her ride finally arrived. Song Qingchun laid her eyes one last time at the bungalow behind her. Then she opened the car door with a despondent sigh and got in. Another failure

Song Qingchun really did not expect she would one day need to waste so much energy to meet a man, and to make matters worse, that man was Su Zhinian.

Actually, she was familiar with Su Zhinian's personality, it was one where other people did not exist in his eyes. Before, she was fine with it, if he ignored her, then she would ignore him as well, unlike now where she desperately needed his help.

However, she did not go away with no reward that night. When Su Zhinian was on his phone, she overheard him mention he would have a dinner meeting 8 pm at "Eldorado" the day after.

The second the car left the bungalow, Su Zhinian came down the stairs. Auntie Su, who was already in her pajamas sitting in the living room, saw him and asked casually, "Who were you on the phone with? The call was so long."

Su Zhinian answered succinctly, "Colleague."

Auntie Su did not press but change the subject by lecturing her son slightly. "You should have treated Qingchun better since you did stay at her home before, so how come you acted so cold around her? You did not even come to say goodbye to her!"

Su Zhinian did not defend himself. He waited until his mother finished and replied in a mild tone, "Mom, I'm going back to the city."

Auntie Su was confused. "Didn't you say you are not going back tonight?"

"I just received a phone call saying there are some issues that need to be dealt with at the company, they need me there."

Su Zhinian then added as an afterthought, "Is there anything else to eat at home? I hear the two tech team workers haven't even had dinner."

"There is, but it's all leftovers, do you think that's okay?" Auntie Su asked for her son's opinion before adding, "Or how about I start cooking a few dishes now or you can buy some supper along the way there?"

Su Zhinian frowned at the troubles those options entailed and came to his decision. "Too troublesome, just give me the leftovers."

Auntie Su quickly packed him the leftovers and personally placed them in his car. Before he left, she reminded him to drive safely.

Su Zhinian nodded wordlessly and started the engine. After leaving the residential area, he drove at maximum speed before spotting the shadow of Song Qingchun's car ride. Then, he slowed down to tail her ride, maintaining a distance of about two hundred meters behind her.

That Sunday night, Su Zhinian and a few of his friends met up to play mahjong at 'Eldorado'.