Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 80

Chapter 80: Maniac Su And Sanitary Su 10
Chapter 80: Maniac Su and Sanitary Su (10)
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Song Qingchun's little heart shook violently and the explanation fell unconsciously out of her mouth, "I only flipped through it roughly. I swear I didn't see anything"

"Get out!" Su Zhinian strode to stand before her, grabbed the diary forcefully from her grasp, and ordered her out before she even finished.

"I really" Song Qingchun wanted to explain herself, but Su Zhinian flew into a rage, quite possibly out of humiliation. He demanded furiously, which sounded suspiciously like he was trying to hide the nervousness within his heart, "Did you not hear me? I told you to get out!"

Before Song Qingchun could react, Su Zhinian grabbed her arm and tossed her out of his bedroom before slamming the door in her face.

What just happened? I told him I have only seen one sentence from his diary, is this kind of overreaction warranted

Song Qingchun stuck out her tongue at the closed door and turned to retreat to her own bedroom.

The usually calm Su Zhinian finally sighed in relief when he heard Song Qingchun return to her bedroom.

That was too close, way too close She almost found out about his secret

Su Zhinian closed his eyes as he padded towards the sofa and sat down. He studied the diary in his hand for a while before pulling out a pen from the nearby pen holder. He flipped to the latest blank page and started writing.

10 December 2015. Heavy Snow.

It was today that I found out Tingting has secretly given me so many nicknames: Maniac Su, Sanitary Su, Silent Su, Cold-blooded Su, Diary Su, Poet Su I love them all equally.

Other than that, Tingting almost read the diary and found out the secret Also, Tingting has made me smile today

Song Qingchun dragged her tired body into the bathroom to relax in a warm bath. After blow-drying her hair, she collapsed onto the bed with a facial mask in her hand.

Grabbing her phone, she tapped into her company's official chatroom. As she waited for it to load, she applied the mask on her face.

"Next Monday is the deadline to hand in the news script, is everyone ready?"

"I managed to grab a video footage; now I'm working overtime to finish the script to accompany it."

"I'm almost done. By the way, how about you, Tang Nuan? What news have you managed to get this week? Care to share it with us?"

"That's right, I'm sure it's another gripping story! Trying to nab the front page again, aren't we?"

The messages continued for a long time before Tang Nuan replied in a voice message. Her tone sounded humble, but almost everyone could hear the gloating in it. "It's nothing interesting, just a story related to Xia Ji."

"Xia Ji? You managed to get Xia Ji's story?"

"I've been hearing rumors that he's getting married, is that your story?"

"If it is, then the front page is definitely yours again."

"Congratulations, you're going to get the ninth consecutive headline"

"Who knows, maybe someone's story could be better than mine," said Tang Nuan softly, then she suddenly added, "How about you, Qingchun? What's your story?"

Song Qingchun laughed mirthlessly to herself as she exited the chatroom.

Even though her ears were no longer polluted by the trash talk, Song Qingchun still sighed sullenly.

Two more days and it would be Sunday. She did not even have a normal story, much less an explosive one