Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 800

Chapter 800: Domestic Violence (5)

At that moment, the light glowing in the beggar's eyes was like he had won five hundred thousand dollars. His dirty fingers pinched his own thigh. When he felt the pain, he slowly recovered. He was not dreaming; this was real. A fairy had appeared in his life asking to marry him with a large dowry. Are all rich people this crazy?

The beggar blinked several times but did not dare speak as if worried that the moment he spoke, the girl before him would disappear.

"Song Qingchun!" Su Zhinian's voice was dripping with anger.

If this was before, Song Qingchun would definitely be spooked by this tone from Su Zhinian, but now, she had nothing to fear. She did not bat an eye at Su Zhinian. She winked at the beggar and smiled brightly. "If you say yes, we will go register at the registry office first thing tomorrow morning."

The beggar was blinded by Song Qingchun's bright smile. He stammered, "Is this for real?"

"Of course, it is" She just tossed her bag away, and her car key was left in her car, so she had nothing valuable on her to stress the point. She lowered her head to look around her body, but she could not find anything expensive.

Eventually, she tried to yank the jade bangle off her wrist. However, she only did that half way when she remembered the golden button hanging from her neck. She raised her hand to pull it off and handed it to the beggar. "If you don't believe me, I can gift you this as down payment. This is made of pure gold, and even though it isn't worth too much, it is still worth something."

That was his button that she had been wearing around her neck. Even though she already knew that he was her life savior, he did not ask for the button back from her because he liked the idea that she carried on her something that was once close to him. However, now, she pulled it out to give to a random stranger as down payment? Was she selling herself to the beggar?

Even though he knew that Song Qingchun was doing this on purpose, it did not stop the jealousy and envy from bubbling up within Su Zhinian.

"Song-Qing-Chun!" Su Zhinian hissed out her name syllable by syllable. His tone was so chilling that the beggar whom Song Qingchun was talking to shivered uncontrollably. He glanced at him with fear in his eyes and immediately stood up from the floor, attempting to escape.

However, Song Qingchun reached out to grab the beggar's arm. She turned around to smile at Su Zhinian. Then she pointed at the beggar beside her and said, "Brother, this is my new fianc, what do you think?"

Fianc? Su Zhinian's fists tightened. Song Qingchun knew that the man standing before her was at his limit, but that was her point all along; she wanted to anger him to push him to his very limits!

She turned fearlessly to smile at the beggar with a smile as sweet as honey, and she made the introduction. "Brother Two, this here is my older brother. His name is Su Zhinian, ST Empire's CEO. As the saying goes, when the father is not around, the eldest son shall take his place. Quick go and greet him, and we will consider that meeting my parents."

Song Qingchun could hear Su Zhinian's knuckles cracking crisply, but she was not done yet.