Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 801

Chapter 801: Domestic Violence (6)

She hollered at Su Zhinian, "Brother, what do you think of fianc? He's just perfect, isn't he?"

Perfect Su Zhinian was angered beyond words. He pulled on his tie with agitation, and there was a murderous glow in his eyes.

Well, is that fiery enough for you or not? If you think that's not enough, let's make this fire burn even brighter! Song Qingchun smiled gently at Su Zhinian. "Brother, does your silence mean that you approve of my fianc?

"Brother Two, this is wonderful, my brother has given his silent approval, so we can get married tomorrow.

"Brother Two, what are you doing standing there like a pole? Quick, thank my brother! By the way, Brother Two, even though you look older than my brother, we value hierarchy in this society, so you still need to refer to him as your brother! Quick, try it once!"

Goaded by Song Qingchun, the beggar tried to call Su Zhinian "Brother", but before he could issue any voice, his mouth clamped up from Su Zhinian's icy gaze, and his legs started to shiver.

The only thing you know how to do is bully a normal citizen. What a man you are!

Song Qingchun puffed up her cheeks in anger. Noticing Su Zhinian still standing where he was, she gritted her teeth silently. She prepared to also push herself to the limits. She did not believe he would not react after she pushed things thus far!

Song Qingchun gathered her courage and told the beggar, "Brother Two, since my brother has already approved of this marriage, then shall we have a love-binding kiss? After all, we're getting married tomorrow, so I don't mind sharing the night with you. After this kiss, let's go to a nearby hotel to get you all cleaned up. Then we'll go to the registry tomorrow, what do you think?"

Song Qingchun's tone got sweeter as she progressed. The sweeter her voice got, the bigger the flame in Su Zhinian's eyes. "Song Qingchun, I will count to three. If you don't stop this nonsense by then, you"

Before Su Zhinian could finish his threat, Song Qingchun suddenly stood on her tip-toe to reach toward the beggar's lips.

Su Zhinian's words were caught harshly in his throat. He cursed under his breath. Ignoring the fact that she was taunting him, ignoring the conviction he had built for himself, with a narrowing of his eyes, he controlled the beggar to move his face away to avoid Song Qingchun's lips. Then, with two or three steps, he rushed to them to grab Song Qingchun's arm and pull her away from the beggar.

"Big brother, what are you doing! Why are you stopping me from kissing my future husband?"

Su Zhinian's chest was rising and falling nonstop. He searched for a stack of bills from inside his pocket and tossed it to the beggar. Then he pulled the gold button Song Qingchun had given away from the beggar's fingers before walking toward his car, dragging Song Qingchun along with him.

"Let me go, I want to stay with my fianc, let me stay" Song Qingchun dropped to the ground, trying to use her body weight to stop Su Zhinian.

Su Zhinian turned around to glare at Song Qingchun, who sat on the ground with no regards for her image. With a twist of his wrist, he pulled her up from the floor and hauled her over his shoulders. He carried her in such a manner over the zebra crossing.