Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 803

Chapter 803: Domestic Violence (8)

Her lips were incredibly soft. Even though he had just kissed her earlier, he still found himself unable to resist the temptation. His kiss was forceful, and he almost peeled the skin off her lips. He was addicted to her sweetness. He could not help but continue to lean forward until her whole person was pressed up tightly against the car.

Due to pain, she moaned softly, and it was then that he slowed down. However, he still showed no sign of moving apart from her. He held her head in his hands and allowed his tongue to explore deeper into her mouth.

Song Qingchun felt her body slowly becoming putty because of his kiss. Even the pain from her back started to fade into the background. Her surroundings, her breath, and her mouth were filled with his scent. The air in her lungs was slowly sucked away by the man. She gripped his shoulders, hanging on for dear life. She opened her lips slightly attempting to take in more air, but this only caused him to kiss her harder, his tongue ravaging her mouth without reservation or hesitation.

Su Zhinian only let her go when Song Qingchun was struggling for her last breath. Heaving greatly with his head lowered, he stared deeply at her face that was dyed red. He hissed through gritted teeth, "Tingting, you're making me crazy"

His tone was extremely brutal, and yet it was filled with a sense of helplessness.

I've always prayed and wished for you to have a better life, but you keep coming to shake my conviction again and again.

"You have to understand that I'm powerless before you" Su Zhinian looked like he could rush forward at any moment to snap the neck of this woman. He gritted his teeth darkly, but he could not be angry at her; he did not have the heart to blame her.

In the end, he sighed deeply. He raised his hands to slowly caress her forehead, to put her hair that was tousled by the wind behind her ears. He held her face in his palm, and he sighed softly yet with a tone full of helplessness. "Tingting, tell me, what should I do with you?"

His tone was pitiable yet alluring, pampering yet distancing. Song Qingchun's fingers that held his shirt trembled slightly. Unconsciously, she peeled her eyelids back to meet his eyes.

The emotions that originated from the kiss remained at the bottom of her eyes. It caused him to lose his focus, and he only recovered several minutes later. His thumb continued to massage her supply cheek, and his lips moved, his tone carrying with it traces of loneliness and melancholy. "Tingting, do you know how hard it is pretending not to care?"

Even in his dreams, he wished to lavish his attention on her, but for the sake of her future, he could only pretend not to care.

Pretend not to care

These simple words completely dispersed the anger and depression in Song Qingchun's heart.

At that moment, even though she couldn't tell what he was thinking and wouldn't be able to access his thought from a diary entry, the phrase 'pretend not to care' was like a giant force hitting her directly at her heart, letting her feel his helplessness, his struggle, his pain, and his heartache.