Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 805

Chapter 805: Domestic Violence (10)

"I know very well what I'm talking about." Song Qingchun waited for a moment before continuing. Certain words she had told Qin Yinan but had never told him, so she did not mind repeating them. "I've never been clearer with my decision in my life. Su Zhinian, I want to be together with you. In this world, you're the one who treats me the best. You can't be so responsible to run away after you rose my standard so high. To hell with the world, even if the whole world is added up, it cannot be better than you"

Song Qingchun's answer reminded Su Zhinian of the words he read from Qin Yinan's heart that morning.

As long as I have Su Zhinian, I'm not afraid because the whole world, for me, is incomparable to one Su Zhinian. I'd rather give up the whole world if I cannot have Su Zhinian. Su Zhinian is my life.

Su Zhinian could feel his blood surging through his veins. Even though he tried to keep his voice even, when he spoke next, his voice still trembled. "Tingting, what if I tell you, the moment I say yes, you'll lose the opportunity to get away from me? Even if you regret it in the future, I'll never let you go again; will you be afraid?"

"I'm not afraid," Song Qingchun answered with the same clarity as before. As if afraid that he would not believe her, she even nodded twice at him.

"Not only that, I can't give you a romantic proposal like a normal couple; I can't give you a lavish celebration on Valentine's day like a normal couple; I can't even give you a luxurious wedding like a normal couple. Won't you regret that?"

"I will not regret any of that."

"We can't ever hug each other in broad daylight or even admit to the world that we're in love; we can only survive the rest of our lives in the darkness. Are you sure that is what you want?"

"I'm sure." Song Qingchun smiled softly at Su Zhinian. Her voice was as gentle as moonlight, but it belied an iron will.

"I can never put your name openly beside mine. I can't even give you a child. Tingting, have you really thought this through?"

"I have. When I went to search for Brother Yinan last night, I already did."

The moment Song Qingchun finished, Su Zhinian reached out to pull her into his tight embrace.

Do you know? God is fair to everyone. He has given me a superpower that no one else has but has condemned me to a life of solitude and pain. However, ultimately, I am happier than others because I have Song Qingchun.

Su Zhinian pressed Song Qingchun tightly into his chest but did not think that was enough. He increased the pressure as if attempting to press her into his frame. This is the best feeling ever; it's like I'm holding the whole world in my arms.

Su Zhinian was so touched that his eyes reddened with tears. One of his tears fell from his eyes, slid down his cheek, and fell onto her neck. With his mouth next to her ear, he croaked, "Tingting, you know I'm powerless before you"

The tear might be light, but it carried an impossible weight it. The moment it fell on Song Qingchun's skin, she shivered, and her arms reached out to hug Su Zhinian's waist.