Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 806

Chapter 806: Yes (1)

He's crying, and combined with what he said, this means he is finally saying yes, right?

Song Qingchun was not really that dumb, but since Su Zhinian had rejected her so many times, it was really hard for her to tell what was on his mind.

She thought about it and asked with some uncertainty, "So this means that you agree?"

He could read her thoughts clearly. Even at a time like this, after he had just warned her of him locking her up in the dark, dirty hell with him and not letting go of her for life, there was no shred of fear in her heart; there was no hesitation. Instead, she was thinking about whether he had said yes or no.

Su Zhinian pulled her in closer. He kissed her hair and opened his mouth to confirm. "Yes."

At the end of the day, he still lost to her. They still ended up walking down the worst path.

Even though it violated his initial conviction, he could not find it within him to reject her anymore. He really wished the best for her, but when he realized that she would continue sticking to him to like banshee if he rejected her, his conviction started to waver.

No one knew what would happen in the future, but Su Zhinian was certain that, come hell or high water, he would do everything within his power to protect her even if it meant giving up his life.

Yes Su Zhinian's answer reverberated in Song Qingchun's mind for a long time. She peeled herself out of his hug and raised her eyes to look at him. She asked inquisitively, "Su Zhinian, you're finally going to say yes? You've finally thought it through and decided to be with me?"


The man under the street light was inhumanely handsome. His face was like a startling portrait, and his voice was as deep as the ocean.

"We'll be together forever. I'll never wed, and you'll never marry."

In her excitement, Song Qingchun reached out to hug Su Zhinian. Through their hug, he could sense the cheer and joy in her heart.

Silly girl, so happy for going down to hell? Tell me, how could I not love such a girl?

Su Zhinian raised his hands to hug Song Qingchun in return. However, Song Qingchun suddenly jumped in his embrace like an excited little girl. She actually knocked into his arm, the very spot where she had scratched him when she was assaulting him earlier. The sudden pain caused him to shiver and moan.

Song Qingchun stopped what she was doing and blinked innocently at him. Then her gaze settled on the wound on his arm that she had caused. She looked at it for a while before it dawned on her what had happened. She immediately extricated herself from him and took a hasty step back.

That was my fault Song Qingchun bit on her lips and tried to apologize, but she thought better of it because this was all his fault to begin with. In the end, she compromised and asked, "Are you hurt?"

Of course, what kind of real damage could a little girl do to him even at the maximum of her energy? All the wounds were minor. However, looking at the girl who refused to admit her mistake despite her guilt, Su Zhinian could not help but tease her by saying, "What do you think?"

Song Qingchun pouted and turned her head away to look at a random street light.