Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 807

Chapter 807: Yes (2)

Su Zhinian could not start his car due to the damage. He called the traffic police and the towing company to tow the car away. He was even fined 2,000 RMB for destruction of public property.

Instead of his own, Su Zhinian used Song Qingchun's car to drive them back to his bungalow. On the way home, when they passed a 24-hour pharmacy, Song Qingchun called for him to stop. She jumped down from the car to purchase two sticks of medicinal ointment.

After returning to the bungalow, Song Qingchun went to take a shower. She put on one of Su Zhinian's larger T-shirts and urged him to take his bath. When Su Zhinian came out from the bathroom, Song Qingchun just finished drying her hair. She patted the sofa beside her, signaling for Su Zhinian to sit. She used the ointment to cover the wounds on his body.

The ointment's smell was rather pungent. When Song Qingchun applied it to the bloodiest wound on his arm, her stomach suddenly turned. She immediately dropped the medicine on the table and rushed into the toilet.

Before Su Zhinian realized what had happened, he heard the sound of vomiting coming from the bathroom. He stood up in a hurry and rushed to the toilet where he saw Song Qingchun collapsed before the toilet, vomiting her stomach out.

With a frown, Su Zhinian walked forward and squatted down to pat Song Qingchun on her back. "What's wrong?"

Song Qingchun shook her head. Just as she wanted to tell Su Zhinian that she was fine, she turned back down the toilet and started vomiting again. The food she had for dinner that night had been completely digested, so all she vomited was stomach acid.

Su Zhinian continued to pat her on the back. Looking at how uncomfortable she was, he said with concern, "I shall go call Doctor Xia."

Then, he stood up. As Song Qingchun vomited, she reached out to grab hold of his arm to stop. "It's fine"

Before she could finish the sentence, another wave of vomit came up her throat.

"This is not fine. We cannot allow you to continue vomiting like this." Su Zhinian pushed Song Qingchun's hand off and walked out the bathroom.

Song Qingchun, who finished vomiting, pushed the flush button and stood up in a hurry to chase after Su Zhinian. She pulled the phone away from his hands. "I'm fine. The food I had for dinner was probably too oily, that's all."

Su Zhinian frowned and tried to grab his phone back. Song Qingchun hid it behind her and said, "Doctor Xia is in his advanced age already. Let's not bother him so late at night. Furthermore, I already feel much better."

Su Zhinian continued to look at her with concern.

"I'm fine, I'm really fine." To make Su Zhinian stop worrying, Song Qingchun even did a series of jumping jacks before him.

After asking once more and receiving a nod with a smile, he finally relented.

Before he went downstairs to warm her a glass of milk, he still reminded her with concern apparent on his face, "If you're not feeling better later, we won't call Doctor Xia; we'll just go to the hospital."

After finishing the glass of milk, Song Qingchun climbed into Su Zhinian's bed and snuggled underneath the covers.

Su Zhinian cleaned the glass and placed it on the table before turning off the lights and walking to his bedside.

He stood there staring at Song Qingchun's head that poked out of his two-meter-wide bed for some time before peeling the cover back to lie down beside her.