Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 809

Chapter 809: Yes (4)

The second day was a weekend. Su Zhinian and Song Qingchun stayed at home and spent the peaceful day together in each other's company.

Su Zhinian had a morning meeting on Monday, so he woke up early in the morning. Before he left, he pasted a note on the bathroom mirror. Song Qingchun slept until 9 am before she crawled lazily out of bed. As she brushed her teeth, she read the note that Su Zhinian had left for her.

Su Zhinian's note said that he had placed his car keys on the shoe rock by the front door. The cars were in the garage, so she could have whichever car she preferred. The note also said, he had left some cash in the top drawer of the bedside table. He checked her wallet and realized there was not much cash in it. He already put some notes in, but if she felt that wasn't enough, she could take more from the drawer. Finally, the note reminded her that there was breakfast in the oven.

Su Zhinian had bought the breakfast for her before he left. It was her favorite meat bun. Song Qingchun sat at the dining table and finished a half bowl of porridge before taking a bite of the bun. The skin of the bun was thin, and with one bite, the juices of the meat splashed into her mouth. This bun was once considered by Song Qingchun to be food of the Gods, but that morning, as the smell of meat entered her nostrils, her stomach started to turn.

Song Qingchun squatted before the toilet and vomited for quite some time before she stopped.

This is weird Is it really as Su Zhinian said, a stomach bug?

Song Qingchun walked upstairs as she pulled out her phone to glance at the time. There was still half an hour left until it was time for work. She shook her head and reminded herself to stop at the pharmacy after work. She then hopped upstairs to grab her bag. She chose the most low-profile vehicle from the garage and rushed to her company.

Song Qingchun, who did not have much for breakfast, felt faint from hunger before noon. She left her office half an hour before lunchtime to go to the downstairs canteen to fetch some food for herself.

After having her fill, Song Qingchun felt much better. She returned to her office and leaned against her chair as the sunlight filtered into her room. Without realizing it, Song Qingchun fell asleep, and when she woke up, it was already two hours later.

Song Qingchun, who napped for so long, felt that her throat was extraordinarily dry. She stood up to stretch before grabbing her mug off her working table and heading toward the breakroom.

In the breakroom, she saw Tang Nuan brewing coffee. Song Qingchun stood at the door for a long time before eventually taking the first step in. They used to fight like cat and dog, but these days, when they encountered each other, they treated each other like air.

Song Qingchun stood before the water machine, waiting for the water to warm up, while Tang Nuan stood before the coffee machine, waiting for the coffee to brew. Neither of them uttered a word, and the atmosphere in the breakroom was palpably tense.

Tang Nuan's coffee was ready first, and the aroma of coffee instantly filled up the room. The next second, Song Qingchun's hot water was ready. She filled half of her cup with the water as wafts of coffee aroma drifted toward her. It was then that Song Qingchun's stomach churned, and she felt like vomiting again.

She placed her mug in a hurry on the table and rushed toward the bathroom next to the breakroom with her palm cupped over her mouth.

Tang Nuan held her cup of coffee in her hand as she prepared to leave the breakroom. However, she suddenly stopped and turned to look at the mug of water that Song Qingchun had left on the table.