Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 81

Chapter 81: Karma Is Always Watching 1
Chapter 81: Karma Is Always Watching (1)
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Song Qingchun stared at the ceiling, dwelling in her thoughts for a long time. Finally, she removed her mask, went to the bathroom to wash her face, and grabbed her phone to start making calls.

When Su Zhinian was in the shower, he could hear snippets of conservation from Song Qingchun's phone, but he also noticed it was prematurely cut off.

After he dried his face, got into his bed, and prepared to turn off the lights, he heard rumblings coming from the adjacent bedroom. It sounded to his mind like someone was dialing the phone, an observation that was confirmed by the dial tone that came later. It rang for a long time before it was picked up. A rather distant female voice came from it. "Hello?"

"Sister Jiang, it is me, Qingchun," Song Qingchun introduced herself softly and said in an apologetic tone, "I'm sorry, I hope I am not disturbing you by calling so late at night."

"It's fine" The female voice on the phone hesitated before asking, "Why did you call me exactly?"

"It's like this. Can you feed me any news about the celebrities from your company"

"Miss Song, I am sorry; I am really busy at the moment. I will call you back in a bit."

Then, the phone was rudely hung up. Su Zhinian, who had heard the entire conservation, started to frown.

She is calling her contacts to beg them for a newsworthy article?

Before Su Zhinian could confirm his thoughts, he heard Song Qingchun made another call.

"Director Zhang, I am Song Qingchun, how is your new film coming along? Do you have"

"Hello, I'm sorry, but who is this? The signal here is not very good" And the phone was hung up again.

Song Qingchun made some other calls, but either they were not answered, or they instantly hung up as had happened with her two earliest calls. In fact, before the last person hung up, he even mumbled under his breath, "The Song family no longer has anything to give me, and you still think you can ask me for news?"

After this last call, there was a complete silence in Song Qingchun's bedroom. After a long time, Song Qingchun's faraway voice said, "Now that Tang Nuan has stolen the contacts you built up over the last two years, do you really mind giving her another front page headline? It's fine, after all, this is not the first time people have looked down on you. Song Qingchun indeed commands no respect without the backing of Song family! So, you shouldn't be surprised!"

Even though she tried to make a joke out of it, Su Zhinian could hear the frustration and disappointment in her voice.

Her contacts from the past two years have been stolen by Tang Nuan?

Then, Tang Nuan's words that he heard when he was in the shower floated up in his mind.

"It's nothing interesting, just a story related to Xia Ji."

"How about you, Qingchun? What's your story?"

The reality of the situation slowly dawned on Su Zhinian. After Tang Nuan stole Song Qingchun's contacts, she still has so many snide comments for Song Qingchun?

Su Zhinian lowered his gaze as an aura of iciness unfurled from his body. The next second, he suddenly pulled off the quilt, got down from his bed, went to the cupboard, and pulled out a phone from one of its drawers.

Su Zhinian opened the phone and tapped into the contact list. There was only one listed number. He wrote a message and sent it to that number.

These people were willing to give her face before out of deference to Song Cheng. Now that Song Cheng had passed away and the Song family was dying, they could not wait to get away from her. That was human nature.