Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 810

Chapter 810: Yes (5)

Song Qingchun's mug was steaming.

Many days ago, when she found out that Song Qingchun was marrying Qin Yinan and after she was cruelly rejected and treated by Qin Yinan, her hatred for Song Qingchun had reached the maximum. She really couldn't wait for her to die.

However, God seemed to be looking after Song Qingchun because even though they worked at the same company, Tang Nuan couldn't find the opening to poison her. First, she took a long holiday from work due to the falling incident, and after that, Song Qingchun disappeared from the face of the Earth for quite some time. When Song Qingchun finally returned to work, Tang Nuan had to return to her hometown to visit her parents.

Tang Nuan sometimes even thought that the opportunity had passed her by, but today, God suddenly smiled upon her by giving her such a convenient opening. Tang Nuan's teeth bit into her lower lip. Through the glass window of the breakroom, she could see that the rest of the office was busy, preoccupied with their work. She gritted her teeth and turned around to walk toward the water machine.

She placed her coffee cup down beside Song Qingchun's mug. When she bent over to pick up one of the disposable cups, she fished out from her pocket the small medicine bottle that the woman had given her.

She poured out a pill from within speedily. With her back turned toward the breakroom, she pretended to wait for the cup to fill. When the cup was almost full, she turned around to check whether someone was watching her. When she was certain no one was, she reached to grab her own coffee cup, as she did so, she expertly dropped the pill into Song Qingchun's mug.

The pill dissolved quickly in the warm water. It soon disappeared without a trace. Tang Nuan continued to stare at Song Qingchun's steaming mug of water. Then, she grabbed her own coffee up and the disposable cup of water and walked out of the breakroom.

She walked back to her cubicle and sat down. She sipped on her coffee as she glanced at the disposable cup on her table. She leaned toward a male colleague sitting beside her and said, "Didn't you mention you're thirsty?"

The male colleague, who was busy typing, turned to look at Tang Nuan with evident surprise. He eventually thanked her, accepted the cup, and finished it in one gulp.

Tang Nuan did not even respond with a "you're welcome" as she turned back to her cubicle. As she keyed in the password to her computer, she pulled out her phone to search for that woman's number. She messaged her only a single word. "Success."

After the phone showed that the message had been sent, Tang Nuan placed the phone back on her table. She pulled her chair deeper into her table, and while it looked like she was focused on the computer screen, she was following the movement in and around the breakroom out of the corner of her eyes.

About one minute later, Song Qingchun finally exited the bathroom. Her face looked a bit pale, and she staggered slightly. She was probably really sick.

As Song Qingchun's gaze scanned the office, Tang Nuan lowered her head and pretended to type something on the keyboard. She then turned to look at a colleague that sat in the direction of the breakroom. Through the glass window, she could see Song Qingchun walk into the breakroom. She picked up her mug of warm water and sauntered out.

Just as Tang Nuan wanted to see whether Song Qingchun would drink the water, her phone on the table vibrated from a notification.