Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 812

Chapter 812: Yes (7)

The female colleague turned around to say, "Yes, Sister Hua. She had a little much to drink last week and has felt nauseous since then"

"Are you sure it's only a stomach bug?" Sister Hua was the only woman at the office who had given birth to two sons. After asking that question, she lowered her voice to ask, "Has Tang Nuan's monthly cycle been constant lately?"

What does her monthly cycle have to do with Tang Nuan's vomiting? Song Qingchun frowned with anxiety, which caused her assistant, who was in the middle of a report, to freeze with apprehension. She asked carefully, "Sister Qingchun, is there anything wrong?"

I have also been vomiting constantly Furthermore

Something clicked within Song Qingchun. She ignored her assistant, and her hands that gripped the mug tightened unconsciously.

As if confirming her thought, Sister Hua stood up to walk to the bathroom. She told Tang Nuan, who was washing her hands, "Tang Nuan, I've been in your shoes before, and I feel like you might not be suffering from stomach flu. Even if your monthly cycle is normally all over the place, it does not mean that the possibility that I'm suggesting is impossible. Listen to my advice and go buy a maternity test because I believe you might be pregnant"

You might be pregnant

When Song Qingchun heard these words, her hands shivered, and the mug slipped from her grasp. It fell onto the table, causing the water to splash everywhere. Her wrist soon turned red from the scalding.

Her assistant yelped as she reached out to catch Song Qingchun's cup. However, the mug rolled off the table and crashed into pieces before she could reach it.

"Sister Qingchun, are you alright?" Her assistant stood up in a hurry and pulled out several paper napkins to wipe the water stain off Song Qingchun's body. Song Qingchun was pulled back to reality when she felt her assistant's touch on her skin. She shook her head and accepted the napkins from her assistant.

As she wiped the water, her mind was elsewhere. About ten seconds later, she smiled at her assistant and said, "Sorry, I was spacing out just now. Do you mind sending me the article draft through email? I'll take a look at it later."

Her assistant nodded obediently. She stared at Song Qingchun and asked with worry, "Sister Qingchun, you don't look well. Are you feeling sick or anything?"

"No, I'm fine" Song Qingchun once more shook her head at the assistant. She squatted down to pick up the mug pieces, but she accidentally cut herself, which caused her assistant to squat down immediately and press her finger tightly with the napkins to stop the blood flow.

After applying a bandage, she told Song Qingchun, "Sister Qingchun, you'd better go back to your office to rest. I'll clean up, don't worry."

Song Qingchun hesitated before saying, "Okay."

After a pause, she added, "Thank you."

"You're welcome." Her assistant smiled sweetly at her.

Song Qingchun smiled in kind and turned to walk back to her office. After closing the office door, Song Qingchun crumbled into her chair like her energy had been completely drained.

The words Sister Hua told Tang Nuan kept bouncing around in her mind.

Tang Nuan might have had an irregular monthly cycle, but she was different. Hers would normally come within the few days of the month, but that did not happen last month.

Those few days happened to coincide with the days Su Zhinian went on those dates set up by her father. She had been so busy being morose that she did not have the mind to pay attention to her monthly cycle.