Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 814

Chapter 814: Yes (9)

This seemed to be a quirk of his. No matter how emotionless he was talking to others one second ago, he could switch to the most loving tone when he talked to her one second later. Song Qingchun's heart instantly softened, washing away the depression that had clouded over her the whole afternoon. She held the phone in her hand and said softly, "Su Zhinian, don't cancel your plan because of me, I'm fine"

Su Zhinian on the other end of the phone was silent as if gauging whether she was lying to him or not.

"I'm really fine, just a bit frustrated from work," To make Su Zhinian believe her, Song Qingchun forced a trace of resentment into her voice as she continued to vent at Su Zhinian. "Facing the same type of news every day, do you know how boring that is? That's not the worst. Having to create eye-catching headlines out of nothing is the true annoyance. Somedays, I feel like I'm lying to the readers"

It was not out of the ordinary for Song Qingchun to complain about frivolous stuff like this. However, listening to her endless grumbling, Su Zhinian did not show any trace of impatience. He ended the call to Cheng Qingchong silently and stopped reading his documents. Instead, he quieted down to listen to Song Qingchun with a concentration that was sharper than he was when he was in a meeting.

The sunset outside the window dyed the whole city a brilliant red. Su Zhinian leaned in his chair, and as her words of complaint drifted into his ears, his face relaxed and softened.

It reminded him of how it was many years ago, back when they were still in high school. Whenever she had a petty argument with her friends at school, she would storm into his bedroom door, toss her bag on his bed, wave for him to pour her a glass of water, and start to complain about her so-called friends.

To be frank, at the time, he really could not understand how a little girl like her could have so many complaints, and he could not understand why she would get so angered over something as small as someone else stealing her thunder.

Regardless, that was one of the happiest moments of his life. He liked listening to her grumble and gripe because this showed that she trusted him enough to unload her internal grievances on him.

After Song Qingchun reached the end of her vent, she finished it with a last lament directed at him. "Sigh, I'll stop. After all, how would a big boss like yourself understand the pains of a small worker like me?"

Su Zhinian who had been listening to Song Qingchun wordlessly suddenly said, "Does this mean you don't want to be a small worker anymore? Then we'll be a Big Boss"

"Big Boss? For Song Empire or ST Empire? You know as well as I do that I'm only interested in the post an anchorwoman, or do you want to make me the Big Boss of TW Station?"


Song Qingchun asked that question as a joke, so when Su Zhinian replied with no hesitation, it stunned her.

Su Zhinian is saying this because he's trying to calm me down, isn't he?

Regardless, Song Qingchun still felt deeply touched by his offer.

After some time, Song Qingchun replied with a smile, "Okay, stop kidding, I have to go"

"Tingting" Su Zhinian interrupted Song Qingchun softly but firmly.

Song Qingchun waited for a moment, and Su Zhinian finally said in his leveled tone, "I was not kidding."