Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 815

Chapter 815: Yes (10)

Song Qingchun held the phone in her hand, and her eyes widened slightly. The smile on her face lessened until it froze. Su Zhinian, on the other end of the line, paused for half a minute before he said lazily, "I'm serious, Ting Ting, as long as you wish for it, I will do it. Whatever you want."

For his last sentence, the usually detached man had a rare haughtiness in his tone. Song Qingchun could feel her heart race. Actually, she just did not want him to worry, and that was why she found some minor inconvenience to complain about. She did not expect his response would be like that.

Song Qingchun could not stop the edge of her lips from curving upwards. She held the phone in her hand and was silent for quite some time before she asked, "Whatever I want?"

"Yes." Su Zhinian sounded as serious as if he was making a vow. "Whatever you want."

Song Qingchun felt touched. The feeling overflowed, and she could feel warmth coming to her eyes. She held the phone and tilted her head. She prolonged the humming sound like she was in deep thought. After a long time, she told Su Zhinian, who had been waiting silently and patiently for her, "I want you to go to that dinner tonight and treat me to a big meal tomorrow!"

Such a long build-up to make such a 'demand' that placed him first Su Zhinian's voice softened. "Okay, then I'll see you tomorrow night."

"Okay, see you tomorrow night." The smile on Song Qingchun's face stayed until the call was over. However, when she looked at the pregnancy symptoms that she had googled on her phone, her gaze darkened once more.

It was about time for her to get off work. Song Qingchun spaced out for a moment before she put her phone away, grabbed her bag, and walked out of the office. The office was quite rowdy. Man of her colleagues were discussing where they were going to have dinner, and one of the male workers turned to Song Qingchun to extend an invitation. "Qingchun, we're going to Hwa Mao for dinner later, do you want to come?"

Song Qingchun shook her head, and rejected with a smile, saying, "Thanks, but I have something else to do tonight."

The elevator was next to the bathroom door. When Song Qingchun was waiting for the elevator, she saw Tang Nuan and the female worker who sat across from her walk out from the bathroom together. "Tang Nuan, I've bought you five pregnancy test kits. Four have two red lines, and the last is ineffective. Sister Hua is correct; you're really pregnant"

The elevator door opened, and Song Qingchun rushed in to avoid their conversation. Song Qingchun opened the car door and climbed into the car that she had driven from Su Zhinian's garage. She sat inside with no thought on her mind for a while before she started the engine and stepped on the gas.

Song Qingchun moved through the traffic, but her mind was elsewhere. She was heading towards the Song family home, but just as she was about to reach home, she thought about it before making a different turn. After travelling two hundred metres, Song Qingchun stopped the car by the roadside. She looked for her wallet inside her purse, got out, and walked into a pharmacy.

Song Qingchun did not google how to use pregnancy kit, but since she heard Tang Nuan had bought five, she asked the cashier for ten sets at once.

Afraid that they might be discovered, Song Qingchun hid the tests inside the middle compartment and closed the zipper before she started the car, slowly continuing her journey home.