Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 817

Chapter 817: She's Really Pregnant (2)

When this common knowledge drilled into Song Qingchun's mind, her heart twitched with pain. As if sensing the predicament, even her stomach felt two jolts of pain. Song Qingchun knew better than anyone that the child couldn't kept, but after she stabilized her emotions, the first thing she did was to Google the things that a mother-to-be needed to be careful about.

Song Qingchun, who had never been punctual at the dining table for breakfast, already sat waiting at the table at 8 am. The maid's shock was expected, but even Song Menghwa reached out to touch Song Qingchun's forehead to make sure she wasn't suffering from a fever.

Song Qingchun normally wouldn't go near boiled eggs, but for breakfast that day, she had two in one sitting. When she departed for work, she reached habitually for her heels. However, she thought about it before taking them off to swap for a pair of flats.

Song Qingchun didn't even take the car but walked to the residential area entrance to hail a cab. Sitting in the backseat, she found herself unconsciously rubbing her stomach. Along the way to work, Song Qingchun's emotions were hard to describe. Her rational side planned to visit the hospital that week to schedule an abortion, but the sentimental side of Song Qingchun suddenly told the driver to take her to the hospital when they reached TW Station.

Google said that when the mother-to-be found out about her pregnancy, the first thing she should do was to go to the hospital for a health check. Then she should purchase folate and calcium tablets to help ensure the baby's health.

However, when the cab almost reached the hospital, the sentimental Song Qingchun switched back to rational Song Qingchun. Now that I'm here, perhaps I should just do the abortion today to put it out of my mind.

Song Qingchun paid the driver and walked into the hospital. She asked for a number for the department of gynecology and obstetrics. While she waited for her number, many thoughts were struggling in her mind.

It was finally Song Qingchun's turn half an hour later. She sat before the doctor and told the doctor her condition in detail. After hearing everything, the doctor asked officially, "Do you still want the child?"

Song Qingchun had already decided to take away the child before she entered the hospital, but

"Yes, I want to keep the child."

The doctor nodded slightly. She typed for a while on the computer before passing Song Qingchun a list. "Here, you have to go do a type-b ultrasonic first to confirm that you're really pregnant."

When the ultrasonic finished, it was already two hours later. Song Qingchun gave the doctor her report. The doctor flipped through it and nodded. She passed the report to Song Qingchun while pointing at something the size of a pea on it, saying, "Look, this is your baby at the moment. It is six weeks old, and everything looks normal.

"However, your body is a bit weak, so you have to be careful of that. Try to maintain a happy mood and take as much rest as you can. I'll prescribe you some folate and calcium tablets. Remember to take them on time. Come back for your pregnancy check in one month."

Song Qingchun thanked her as she accepted the prescription list from the doctor. As she stood up to leave, she could not help herself from asking, "Docdoctor, is there anything wrong with the baby?"