Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 818

Chapter 818: She's Really Pregnant (3)

After a pause, Song Qingchun added, "I mean, defects like missing limbs or brain damage?"

The doctor smiled reassuringly. "We won't know that now. The only thing that we can check is if there is sign of miscarriage. Defects like the ones you mentioned are only noticeable in the second or third trimester."

"Okay," Song Qingchun answered. With her head lowered, she turned to pull the door open. Before she walked out, she turned back again to ask, "Doctor, can I ask your opinion regarding the abortion?"

"Abortion?" The doctor frowned. "Didn't you already decide to keep the child? Why would you ask about that?"

"Just in case."

The doctor scanned Song Qingchun twice before explaining it to her. "Under normal circumstances, the earlier the parents decides not to keep the baby, the better. If the abortion is delayed too long, the mother might suffer from health complications."

The doctor could see that Song Qingchun seemed to be struggling with the decision, so after giving her the explanation, she added, "So, you'd better come to a decision as soon as possible, best in less than two months."

"Thank you."

The news of the pregnancy came too suddenly for Song Qingchun. Song Qingchun was certain that if she could turn back time, she would not have done the things she did.

Song Qingchun could not help but think this was punishment from God since the decision she made was simply too immoral.

As she walked through the streets, her heart and mind were a complete mess. When she walked past a restaurant, her stomach grumbled because it was already lunchtime. She halted and, after some consideration, turned into the restaurant. She ordered some nutritious meals to feed her baby.

Song Qingchun knew that she had to face that cruel decision sooner or later, but she really couldn't imagine herself going through with it. Regardless, before that happened, she was going to follow the doctor's instructions and swallowed the tablets alongside lunch.

After paying her bill, Song Qingchun exited the restaurant. She had no desire at all to return to work.

There were many questions on her mind. The first was, of course, whether to keep this child or not. Secondly, whether she decided to keep it or not, Su Zhinian had the right to know because he was ultimately the father. Lastly, if she decided to keep the baby, could she handle the travesty that followed? For example, how could she explain the origin of the child to Song Menghwa? She could not tell him that his two children had gotten in bed, could she?

The more Song Qingchun thought about it, the more tired she felt. She found a bench by the street and sat down. She rubbed her temples as the noise of the city crowded around her. Song Qingchun did not know how long she had sat there when her phone in her pocket rang. It was a message from Su Zhinian asking her what she want to have for dinner later that night.

Song Qingchun was then reminded that she had a date with him. However, she had no appetite at all because her mind was surfeited with thoughts about the baby. She stared at her phone for a long time before replying, "I'm not at work today. I'll see you at your company, and we'll discuss in person."

Su Zhinian probably was busy because he only replied one word. "Okay."

Song Qingchun breathed out a long sigh. She put her phone back into her bag and stood up. She walked to the roadside to hail a cab when she heard a scream not far away from her. She unconsciously turned toward it and saw