Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 819

Chapter 819: She's Really Pregnant (4)

She saw someone that she couldn't have been more familiar with Tang Nuan.

To be frank, Song Qingchun had asked herself many times if the Tang Nuan today was actually similar to the Tang Nuan she knew from high school. It was around senior year that the normally conservatively dressed Tang Nuan suddenly changed into another person. She started to wear incredibly revealing clothes and short skirts to show off her long legs, and she wouldn't leave the house without thick layer of make-up.

Therefore, when Song Qingchun saw the woman in a low-profile cap, casual T-shirt, flats, and no make-up, she really had a hard time believing that was Tang Nuan. However, it was undeniable that the scream did come from Tang Nuan, who seemed to be in a bit of trouble, tussling with a fashionable middle-aged woman by the roadside.

The middle-aged woman seemed to come from a respectable background. There was a BMW worth several hundred thousand parked behind her, and two large bodyguards stood beside it. Underneath their sunglasses, their expression was a scary grimace.

Due to the distance between them, Song Qingchun couldn't clearly hear the argument between Tang Nuan and that middle-aged woman. The more the conversation progressed, the shriller the voice of the middle-aged woman became. It caused the people on the street to turn toward them to see what was going on.

Even though Tang Nuan didn't have a single bit of make-up, with her arms crossed before her chest, her aura of arrogance and condescension was still noticeable when she scoffed. She probably said something nasty because the middle-aged lady suddenly yelled at the top of her lungs, "You b*tch, I'm going to teach you a lesson today!"

Tang Nuan turned around and walked away because she was obviously done with this exchange. She walked haughtily in the direction of Song Qingchun.

"Stop right there, you b*tch!" the middle-aged woman roared as she ran toward Tang Nuan. As she caught up to her, she grabbed Tang Nuan's arm and slapped her right on her face without warning.

The middle-aged woman had put elbow grease behind that slap because Tang Nuan's cheek started to bruise with a speed that was noticeable to the naked eye. Tang Nuan's eyes that glared at the woman were filled with hatred. The woman continued to hiss at Tang Nuan, and the next second, Tang Nuan raised her hand to slap the middle-aged woman back on her face.

The slap had not only stunned the middle-aged woman but also the two bodyguards behind her.

A small crowd had started to form around the commotion. Probably feeling ashamed, Tang Nuan hurried to leave before things could get worse.

However, she only took a few steps before the middle-aged woman recovered and turned to scold the two bodyguards, ordering them, "What are you two doing standing there? Am I paying you to be models? Go grab her and pull her back!"

The bodyguards came to instantly and started to chase after Tang Nuan. Even though Tang Nuan increased her pace, she wasn't fast enough to outrun the two bodyguards, who soon blocked her retreat with their imposing physical presence.