Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 820

Chapter 820: She's Really Pregnant (5)

Tang Nuan tried to walk around the two bodyguards, but no matter where she moved, the two followed her like her personal barricade. By then, the middle-aged woman had caught up to her. Enraged by the slap earlier, she grabbed Tang Nuan's hair and slapped her face. "You b*tch, not only did you come to seduce my husband, you dare assault me"

Those in the crowd who originally wanted to lend Tang Nuan a hand all retreated when they heard what the middle-aged said. Their eyes that looked at Tang Nuan with pity now turned into condescension and disdain.

Tang Nuan, who was slapped, didn't stop to even breathe. She rammed her body right into the middle-aged woman as if on reflex. However, before she could inflict any damage, the two bodyguards reached out to grab Tang Nuan's arms. Tang Nuan was detained and had no choice but raised her legs to kick at the middle-aged woman's stomach. When she was about to land the kick, she was pulled back by the two bodyguards, causing Tang Nuan's kick to miss.

The middle-aged woman wasn't one to be bullied. Since the bodyguards had completely detained Tang Nuan, her words became uglier as she pulled on Tang Nuan's hair and used her bag to continuously smack Tang Nuan's head and face.

Tang Nuan initially still tried to struggle from the two bodyguard's vise-like capture, but at the end of the day, she was a mere woman. No matter how strong she was, she couldn't rival the strength of one man much less two professionally trained bodyguards. Tang Nuan eventually gave up and allowed the middle-aged woman to vent on her.

The middle-aged woman didn't show any bit of mercy. Tang Nuan's cap had already been thrown off to god knew where, her hairs that were pulled out covered the floor, and there was even blood trickling out from the corner of her lips.

If one had been counting, Song Qingchun and Tang Nuan's rivalry had dragged on for six years already. In these six years, Tang Nuan had given her many reasons to be sad, to be angry, and to despair. She really hated Tang Nuan; she saw her as her nemesis and would wish hell on her.

Song Qingchun never claimed to be saint; she didn't have a heart as big as a saint to forgive Tang Nuan for everything she had done. She didn't even deny the reason she had stopped flagging down a cab was because she was going to stay to watch Tang Nuan suffer.

However, as the punishment on Tang Nuan continued and worsened, Song Qingchun found her heart that hated Tang Nuan starting to soften.

Is it because I'm pregnant? The mother side of me is coming out? Song Qingchun averted her eyes to look away from the horrible scene.

At times, the world is less kind and beautiful than the media made it out to be. In fact, it is much darker and crueler than you would have expected.

The crowd started to gather. Some walked away from pausing for a moment, some even picked up their camera to take pictures and videos, but none took out their phone to call the police.

There was that moment when Song Qingchun hesitated to consider helping Tang Nuan, but when that thought crossed her mind, she scolded herself for being such a busybody.