Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 821

Chapter 821: She's Really Pregnant (6)

What has Tang Nuan's life or death got to do with me? Based on Tang Nuan's personality, if I go to help her, she'll probably scold me for sticking my fingers into her business. Furthermore

Song Qingchun raised her eyes to glance at the two large bodyguards.

I'm currently pregnant. A push or shove from any one of them might cause me the loss of my child

Child Wait, isn't Tang Nuan pregnant as well?

Song Qingchun's gaze moved toward Tang Nuan's lower stomach, and it was then that she realized that throughout the process, Tang Nuan had been arcing her back like she was trying to use her body to protect her child.

Shocked, her hands unconsciously reached toward her own stomach. She truly had underestimated Tang Nuan. She had always thought that a woman like her who flitted about many different men would have a heart of stone, but the woman appeared to really love the child in her stomach.

The child is innocent, right? If the beating continues, Tang Nuan might have a miscarriage right on the street

Song Qingchun hated how indecisive she was being. As if using action to force herself into a decision, Song Qingchun turned around to walk closer to the traffic.

The traffic was busy, so it was hard to call a cab. Song Qingchun waited for five minutes, but no taxi stopped for her. Behind her came irregular moans and screams from Tang Nuan. Every time that occurred, it caused Song Qingchun's heart to crack with pain. Unable to withstand it anymore, Song Qingchun took another few steps away from Tang Nuan, and her heart calmed slightly.

Tang Nuan's screams finally stopped, and the middle-aged woman's scolding in turn became more heated and loud.

When Song Qingchun turned around to look at the traffic from the other side, she managed to spot Tang Nuan's situation out of the corner of her eyes. She was curled up on the floor in the shape of a prawn, using her whole body to form a cover around her stomach.

The middle-aged woman had been beating her for quite some time already, but she showed no signs of slowing down. She used the sharp end of her heels to stomp on Tang Nuan.

Song Qingchun raised her hands unconsciously to cover her eyes. However, when her hands were moving in mid-air, Tang Nuan happened to look her way.

Tang Nuan also didn't expect to spot Song Qingchun because there was an obvious surprise at the bottom of her eyes. She stared at her unblinkingly as if she was in deep hesitation. After a while, a pleading glow appeared in her eyes.

Her bloodied lips seemed to move slightly as if she was trying to tell Song Qingchun something. However, before she could form the shape of the word, she bit on her lips and lowered her head as if in defeat.

I have done so many horrible things toward Song Qingchun to make her hate my guts. Honestly, the feeling is mutual; I've even committed to murdering her although she was lucky enough to have that mug slip from her hands. The enmity between us is as deep as the ocean, why would she even consider coming to my aid?

Tang Nuan's lips curved into a self-mocking smile, laughing at how dumb she was to think about asking for help from Song Qingchun. She closed her eyes slowly and curled deeper into the fetal position, trying her best to shield her stomach from the relentless attack.

Tang Nuan, by then, could no longer feel anything; she was already numb to the middle-aged woman's assault.