Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 822

Chapter 822: She's Really Pregnant (7)

Tang Nuan endured the beating with something akin to detachment until she felt a sharp pain originating from her abdomen. This sudden pain caused her heart to flutter with anxiety.

Before this, no matter how relentless the middle-aged woman was, she didn't beg for mercy, but when she felt the pain from her stomach, she opened her lips to beg without a second thought. "Please, stop hitting me, I beg you please, stop."

Her begging fell on the middle-aged woman's deaf ears. Tang Nuan had no choice but to seek help from the passer-by. "Please, help me Anyone, please help me"

Most people, when they met Tang Nuan's pleading gaze, hurried to walk away as if this had nothing to do with them. A few of them did try to help, but they were either scared off by the bodyguards or pulled away by their friends.

The pain in her stomach intensified until it felt like someone had reached into it with a knife and was carving her insides. The fear within Tang Nuan grew to an unimaginable proportion. She observed with sinking despair that the crowd around her had drastically lessened.

Tang Nuan had thought about asking for help from Song Qingchun earlier and now threw her dignity to the wind. She didn't know whether Song Qingchun would help her or not, but she was the only person who knew her then. She opened her lips to yell at Song Qingchun who was still in the middle of hailing a cab. Her voice was wretched and shrill. "Song Qingchun, please don't go, you have to help me Song Qingchun"

"Song Qingchun!" Song Qingchun, who was moving toward a taxi that had stopped for her, halted. This gave Tang Nuan the ray of hope that she needed. Tang Nuan had always maintained a supercilious stance before Song Qingchun, but now, she pleaded and begged. "Song Qingchun, I beg of you, I know you hate me, but I beg of you, please only you can help me now"

Tang Nuan's voice quivered due to pain, and tears were trickling out of the corner of her eyes. "Song Qingchun, only you can help me now so can you please help me? I beg of you. She is CEO Huang's wife, and CEO Huang needs Su Zhinian due to his recent business with him. You are so close to Su Zhinian so please, please, please."

Song Qingchun's hands slowly gripped into fists.

Song Qingchun knew the CEO Huang on Tang Nuan's lips. When she accompanied Su Zhinian to a dinner meeting some time ago, she met him once, and at the time, she had felt he look so familiar. With Tang Nuan filling in the blanks, Song Qingchun realized that CEO Huang was the man Tang Nuan cheated on Qin Yinan with.

"Song Qingchun, I just need one sentence from you; it is not much to ask, please If you help me, I will disappear from your eyes forever. I swear that I will not cause you any harm in the future ever again

"Song Qingchun, please" Tang Nuan's tone had completely changed. She sounded like a wailing woman. Song Qingchun turned around unconsciously and saw Tang Nuan vomit a pile of blood to the floor. Tang Nuan seemed to have lost the power of speech due to pain. Song Qingchun noticed Tang Nuan's lips opening and closing, she seemed to be mouthing the words, "Pleasesa-save my chi-child"

Please save my child Song Qingchun only then realized there was a small splash of red near Tang Nuan's backside.