Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 823

Chapter 823: She's Really Pregnant (8)

Is that a sign of miscarriage?

Song Qingchun's hands went unconsciously to her own lower abdomen. She knew about her own pregnancy in a way because of Tang Nuan. Even though she only found out that she was pregnant that morning, she could understood how a mother cherished her own baby. Yes, she might hate Tang Nuan, but her baby was innocent.

She were no saints, but she wasn't callous enough to stand there and watch as an innocent life disappeared before her eyes.

The taxi was already waiting for her; she could very well open the door and get in. However, as she stood there and witnessed the travesty that was happening, her legs seemed to have become leaden, and she found herself unable to move. At the end of the day, she just didn't have that cold-blooded streak in her.

Song Qingchun's fist trembled for a long time before she turned around with determination and yelled at Tang Nuan's assaulter, "Stop!"

Maybe they didn't expect someone would really come to Tang Nuan's rescue, or perhaps the middle-aged woman had gotten tired of beating her, but when she heard Song Qingchun, she really stopped. The eyes of the crowd all fell on Song Qingchun immediately.

Song Qingchun walked forward with her lips pursed. Even though Tang Nuan said that she only need a sentence from her, Song Qingchun was afraid that Su Zhinian's name might not be as useful as Tang Nuan hoped. In the crazed madness of the woman, she might turn on her, so Song Qingchun stopped when she was, three meters away from Tang Nuan.

Song Qingchun regarded the middle-aged woman for a while before smiling. "You're Mrs. Huang?"

The middle-aged woman wasn't deaf to Tang Nuan's pleas earlier. Although she didn't know this young woman who intervened in her business, she did know the name Su Zhinian. She knew that she had to give face to this woman who apparently knew Su Zhinian.

The middle-aged woman's face was still twisted with anger, but her tone softened noticeably. "And you are?"

"My name is Song Qingchun ,and Song Menghwa is my father." Song Qingchun smiled as she offered her father's name. People in the business circle might not have heard of her name, but they did know of Song Menghwa. Furthermore, Su Zhinian did take over Song Empire once. Her reason of mentioning Song Menghwa's name was to let Mrs. Huang know that she really did know Su Zhinian.

Mrs. Huang understood what Song Qingchun didn't say. She stood there silently as if gauging how to proceed.

Song Qingchun waited patiently for half a minute before saying politely, "Mrs. Huang, from what you said just now, I can understand that this is her fault, but the punishment has been delivered, so if it's possible, could you be kind enough to put this matter behind us and call it a day?"

Mrs. Huang still didn't say anything.

She really hated this little b*tch who seduced her husband, but her livelihood was completely dependent on her husband. Even what she did that day was done behind her husband's back. To be honest, she wasn't afraid this Tang Nuan would complain to her husband, but she was indeed cautious of this Song Qingchun. After all, she wasn't clear what the nature of the relationship between this Song Qingchun and Su Zhinian was. If she didn't give Song Qingchun face, would she complain to Su Zhinian, and might it cause a broken deal between her husband and Su Zhinian?

Song Qingchun could see that Mrs. Huang was hesitating.