Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 826

Chapter 826: A Hug (1)

Cheng Qingchong stood about one meter behind Su Zhinian and said politely, "CEO Su, we're all waiting for you to continue the meeting."

"Hmm" Similar to before, Su Zhinian merely gave a soft reply, but before he could get the reply out, the irrepressible intent to laugh caused his voice to go a smidge higher than usual. Cheng Qingchong looked at Su Zhinian rather curiously.

Su Zhinian immediately stopped talking. To prevent the awkwardness from lingering, he walked past Cheng Qingchong to head toward the meeting room. He tried swallowing in an attempt to suppress the bubbling laugh, but he ended up choking on his own saliva. Su Zhinian pressed his lips tightly together to preserve his image that would be lost if he laughed in front of the whole office. Not long after that, his fair skin developed a red hue from all the holding in.

"CEO Su?" Noticing the phone that was lying on the floor, Cheng Qingchong called after Su Zhinian to remind him.

Su Zhinian thought that was Cheng Qingchong noticing something off with him, so he ignored her and walked even faster.

"CEO Su?" Cheng Qingchong called again.

Realizing Su Zhinian didn't stop, she bent over to pick up the phone and chased after him in her heels. Her heels clicked across the office floor, and they were like sounds from a nightmare to Su Zhinian's ears as they got louder and louder. The place was filled with ST Empire's workers, and while they were used to seeing Cheng Qingchong rush all over the place to fulfil Su Zhinian's demands, they hadn't seen their boss run in a panic before, and they weren't going to.

Just as Cheng Qingchong's footsteps were about to reach him, Su Zhinian whipped his body around in both shame and anger. He was about to unleash hell on Cheng Qingchong when his secretary offered him his phone and said, "CEO Su, you left her phone behind."

Cheng Qingchong's words had completely stopped Su Zhinian's reprehension in his throat. After a few seconds of hesitation, his face frosted over as he grabbed the phone more than a little bit harshly away from Cheng Qingchong and walked in the meeting room. The innocent Cheng Qingchong felt a mixture of confusion and fear. I didn't do anything wrong, did I?

The meeting room door was pulled open once more and out walked Su Zhinian. Cheng Qingchong was so spooked that she held her breath. As Su Zhinian walked toward her, her back slowly broke out in cold sweat. When Su Zhinian stood before her, Cheng Qingchong felt like her heart was going to stop.

"You can leave work now"

Cheng Qingchong's eyes were round and wide. Wait, am I fired? Big Boss found out that I've meddled in his business by meeting Miss Song on my own? Then again I should have known this day would come when I made that decision that day

Cheng Qingchong sighed under her breath and lowered her head to hide the dimness in her eyes. Then, Su Zhinian's cold voice continued to say, "Because I need you to go to Shin Kong Place to help me buy some stuff. Wait for my message that will give you all the information you need"

After a pause, Su Zhinian added, "Then, send all the stuff to Golden Corner. Book me a private room and place the stuff in it. After that, you're free to leave work."

Su Zhinian finished giving his orders and turned around to head back into the meeting room. Cheng Qingchong closed her eyes in congruence with the closing of the meeting room door. She patted herself on her chest to calm her beating heart down. She took several deep breaths before she was feeling herself again.