Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 827

Chapter 827: A Hug (2)

Su Zhinian was already waiting in the room when Song Qingchun arrived at Golden Corner. When the waitress pushed open the door, Su Zhinian, who sat in the chair, turned toward the noise. When he saw the casually dressed Song Qingchun and the flats she was wearing, Su Zhinian frowned imperceptibly.

Song Qingchun, like all girls her age, loved to dress up. She was rarely seen in such casual attire outside of home Su Zhinian seemed to have frozen in place until Song Qingchun walked in and the waitress closed the door behind her. Left to their privacy, he asked, "Why are you so casual today?"

Naturally, it was because of her pregnancy that Song Qingchun swapped her usual outfit for a comfortable one. She didn't expect the first question out of Su Zhinian's lips would be about her outfit. She still hadn't figured out an appropriate way to broach the topic of the pregnancy with him

Song Qingchun was stunned for a moment before replying with forced levity, "Just feel like changing style once in a while."

Perhaps it was the guilt talking, as Song Qingchun walked toward the table, she asked, "Why? Does it not look good on me?"

"Of course not, you look nice." Su Zhinian stood up, walked around the table to help Song Qingchun with the chair. He went back to his own seat after Song Qingchun sat down. He passed the menu to Song Qingchun. Staring at the girl who was flipping through the menu, he added, "It makes you look young."

After a woman got over the age of 25, the term 'look young' became a nice compliment.

Song Qingchun enjoyed the compliment as well. She smiled like a flower. As she pressed the service bell, she even glared at Su Zhinian with faux annoyance, saying, "Are you trying to say I'm actually very old then?"

"Of course not," Su Zhinian explained in a hurry. With a low and sexy voice, he said, "I meant you look just like a high school student."

Song Qingchun smiled and shamelessly accepted thepraise. "Thank you."

Then the waitress walked in to take their order. Even though Song Qingchun still hadn't come to a decision regarding the child in her stomach, when she made her order, her subconscious made her pay attention to many things, and she ended up with an order list that was light on oil, salt, and sugar.

Song Qingchun closed the menu and realized Su Zhinian had been studying her curiously. He asked, "You done?"

"Yes." Song Qingchun nodded readily and passed the menu back to Su Zhinian. The man accepted the menu and flipped through it easily. He found Song Qingchun's favourite dishes. Before he ordered them, he had asked Song Qingchun's opinion, but to his surprise, Song Qingchun rejected them all.

Su Zhinian frowned and studied Song Qingchun inquisitively. He handed the menu back to the waitress. When the waitress handed him the wine list, Su Zhinian asked Song Qingchun, "How about a Lafite?"

Whenever Song Qingchun came to Golden Corner, that was what she usually had.

Song Qingchun shook her head. "No, a glass of warm water is fine."

Those who came to Golden Corner either had wine or tea; almost no one had asked for plain water before. Thus,when Song Qingchun said that, even the waitress was caught by surprise.

Song Qingchun noticed the waitress' stunned expression, so she asked with a frown, "Is that not possible?"

The waitress turned around to glance at Su Zhinian. Su Zhinian stared deeply at Song Qingchun for a few seconds before nodded slightly. The waitress smiled and answered Song Qingchun politely, "Of course, that's fine, Miss Song."