Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 828

Chapter 828: A Hug (3)

After the waitress left, silence reigned in the room. Outside the window beside the table, Beijing was coming alive. Glittering lights reflecting off of each other, showing a beautiful side of modernity.

Song Qingchun held her chin with one hand as she turned to appreciate the scenery. As she turned back around, she saw Su Zhinian bent over the table, rummaging through something down there.

Song Qingchun leaned sideways to look down the table, but her view was blocked by the wooden panelling of the table. Therefore, she could only ask, "What's wrong?"

Su Zhinian didn't reply as he continued rummaging under the table. After a while, he straightened himself and pushed a delicate box toward Song Qingchun. She looked at him with surprise. "This is for me?"

Su Zhinian nodded. Song Qingchun accepted the box and opened it before him. A pretty necklace was sitting inside; it was a Dior. Song Qingchun was about to ask why Su Zhinian would suddenly gift her such a valuable present, when a larger box was gently pushed toward her.

Song Qingchun stared at Su Zhinian with a face piled up with confusion as she opened the second box. This time it was a Chanel bag sitting inside. Song Qingchun could recognize with one glance that it was the latest bag released by Chanel.

Why would Su Zhinian give me a necklace and bag?

Before the question could be answered, another big box appeared before her. She blinked several times as if shocked before peeling open the packaging.

What entered her sight were three letter, YSL. Song Qingchun flipped open the casing, and a neatly arranged row of lipsticks was unveiled before her. Song Qingchun did a quick mental calculation, and almost all the YSL lip colours were there.

Why would he buy me so many lipsticks? I won't be able to finish using them Song Qingchun raised her head and was about to ask Su Zhinian why when the man like magic pulled out yet another bigger rectangular box from underneath the table. The box was rather heavy because Su Zhinian had to use both hands to haul it up from underneath the table.

Song Qingchun pushed open the wooden lid, and a large bouquet of pink roses was sitting in it.

Chanel's bag, Dior's necklace, YSL's lipsticks, pink roses Those are everything I said to confuse Mrs. Huang when I was trying to help Tang Nuan earlier. Song Qingchun's mouth fell open, and she looked at Su Zhinian rather dumbly.

The man leaned against the chair gracefully, the classic hanging light cast a warm glow that lit up his whole person. Song Qingchun looked at Su Zhinian, and underneath the warm and fuzzy feeling surrounding her heart, layers of anxiety started to gather.

She was afraid that her argument with Mrs. Huang would cause harm to her baby, so in the heat of the moment, she had leveraged Su Zhinian and purposely showed off their close relationship before her, to make Mrs. Huang feel like she was very close to Su Zhinian. However, she didn't expect her random rambling would cause him so much trouble; he treated the nonsense that was pouring out of her mouth with such sincerity that it shamed her.

These presents were like sound slaps to her face, and they caused her to lower her head in guilt and shame.