Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 829

Chapter 829: A Hug (4)

Even though she didn't do it on purpose, it was undeniable that she did take advantage of him, and it was for Tang Nuan, who she hated. He had unwittingly became her tool

The more Song Qingchun thought about it, the more she hated herself.

What was he thinking when he went out to buy these presents? What was he thinking when he heard me intimately call him Zhinian? Was he very happy? But if he knew all those happiness was just a show, a ruse, how disappointed will he be? Song Qingchun didn't have the courage to continue to speculate on Su Zhinian's frame of mind, and she was almost out of breath from the heaviness that weighed down on her heart.

"What's wrong?" Su Zhinian, who noticed the weird way she was acting, asked gently with concern. However, the kinder he treated her, the worse she felt. Song Qingchun lowered her head even more.

Due to the wooden partition between them, Su Zhinian couldn't reach her to find out what she was thinking. He looked at the top of her head for a moment before his gaze fell on the mountain of presents before her. She doesn't like the presents? Her mood seems to have dropped after I gave her the presents

"You don't think these presents?" Su Zhinian's tone softened even more.

Perhaps it was the pregnancy talking, but Song Qingchun had been experiencing serious mood swings. She wasn't a sentimental person per se, but when she heard the pampering and concern in Su Zhinian's words, her tears fell involuntarily.

This caused Su Zhinian to fluster. The waitress happened to walk in then to serve the dishes. He pointed at the presents on the table and ordered immediately, "Toss all this stuff away."

The waitress was stunned before nodding quickly. She placed the dishes on a counter by the wall and rushed forward to clear away the boxes. However, before she could lay a finger on them, Song Qingchun shook her head vehemently. Her sudden movement made the waitress stop, and she turned to look at Su Zhinian.

Su Zhinian stared at Song Qingchun for a moment before he raised his hand to wave the waitress away. The waitress bowed and retreated. When the waitress exited the room, Su Zhinian stood up and walked around the table to stand before Song Qingchun. He turned her chair around and squatted before her. With his head raised, he could see the tears that were still falling down her face. He sighed painfully as he lifted his hands to wipe away her tears. "Tell me, what's wrong?"

It was she who had fooled him, but it was him who ended up comforting her. In that instant, Song Qingchun saw how much of a green tea she was acting. She leaned back in her chair to avoid his hands. With her head lowered and her lips pursed, she uttered softly and sulkily, "I'm sorry."

Why is she apologizing to me? Su Zhinian looked at Song Qingchun with confusion.

Song Qingchun knew Su Zhinian was waiting for an explanation, but she was afraid, afraid that after he found out the truth, he would be sad and disappointed. However, she was already at fault for taking advantage of him, so she really shouldn't hide the truth from him. Furthermore, he had all the right to know, and he deserved a sincere apology

With this thought in mind, Song Qingchun raised her head to meet Su Zhinian's eyes.