Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 830

Chapter 830: A Hug (5)

The man's handsome face carried with it a natural sense of coldness and aloofness. Even now, his face was flat and emotionless, probably from years of practice and habit. However, she still managed to discern a wealth of concern and patience under that veneer.

This kind of reaction only intensified the guilt within Song Qingchun. Her lips stretched, and she decided to explain everything that happened that afternoon to him. "This afternoon, at"

Song Qingchun hesitated and decided to skip over the fact her encounter with Tang Nuan happened at the front of the hospital. "When I was waiting for the taxi, I ran into Tang Nuan."

Tang Nuan Su Zhinian hadn't heard this name in a long time already. His brain wasn't programmed to remember female names, but Tang Nuan was one of the few exceptions. The reason was because she was Song Qingchun's nemesis, so when Su Zhinian heard Tang Nuan's name, his brows furrowed and hatred flashed across his eyes. As if operating on instinct, he uttered coldly, "She created more problems for you?"

Before she answered, he examined her up and down. The usually reticent man scolded her like one would berate an unruly child. "Why didn't you call me when there was trouble? What if you were hurt?"

Song Qingchun didn't feel wronged; if anything, there was a warm glow in her clear eyes. When she spoke next, her voice carried a feminine quality that she didn't notice. "It's not that. She didn't create problems for me. In fact, nothing happened between us"

Su Zhinian's eyes that looked at her were dyed with disbelief. Song Qingchun had no choice but to continue explaining. "It was she who ran into some trouble. It was because of that CEO Huang, the one who is planning a deal with you. You know CEO Huang has a hidden relationship with Tang Nuan, right? I believe the relationship was exposed because she was sought out by CEO Huang's wife, and Tang Nuan was assaulted by Mrs. Huang in broad daylight on the street"

So she's fine Su Zhinian sighed in relief. In this world, other than Song Qingchun, he didn't give a rat's *ss about any other woman's business. However, since it involved Song Qingchun, he still looked at her sincerely and listened to her patiently.

Song Qingchun explained in broad strokes how relentless Mrs. Huang was before getting to the point. "You also now how rocky my relationship with Tang Nuan is. I wanted to walk away, I've even called the cab, but before I could get away, she called my name

"She begged me to help her, I"

Under Su Zhinian's scrutiny that spoke, 'Don't tell me you're such a saint to stay and help her', Song Qingchun continued honestly in a volume that was decreasing. "So I did"

Song Qingchun could sense the incredulity in Su Zhinian's eyes. Honestly, even she had a hard time believing it herself. "I know, I know I have no obligation to help her, but that is not the point. The point is that Mrs. Huang didn't seem like she believed I'm close to you She had two bodyguards with her, and I was afraid she might set them on me, so I had no choice but to give you a call"

After a long detour, Song Qingchun finally reached the crux of her explanation and gripped the edge of her clothes nervously. With her head lowered like a child caught red-handed, she continued honestly, "I called you Zhinian purposely on the phone because I needed Mrs. Huang to believe we do share a close relationship"