Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 831

Chapter 831: A Hug (6)

Su Zhinian's expression froze, causing the atmosphere in the room to freeze alongside with him.

Song Qingchun was so nervous that her palm started to sweat. She used a voice that was as small as a mosquito to say, "To make the scene more real, I pretended that you called me because you wanted to buy me gifts, and then, and then"

And then he knew the rest.

Song Qingchun stuttered several "and then"s before she joined Su Zhinian in silence. Song Qingchun lowered her head because she didn't dare to look him in the eye. She believe that he must be greatly disappointed. Actually, she really wanted to sneak a glance at his expression, but she was afraid, afraid that to see frustration and dissatisfaction in his eyes.

The room was so quiet that Song Qingchun could hear a car honking from outside the window.

Time continued to trickle by, but Su Zhinian still didn't give any reaction, and this caused Song Qingchun's heart to race at an unimaginable speed. Actually, she knew she could have hidden this truth from him by happily accepting the gifts and sharing a quiet dinner with him, but she felt sorry for him, and she couldn't forgive herself for taking advantage of him.

With her head lowered, Song Qingchun bit on her lips and uttered in a wisp of a voice, "Su Zhinian, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that"

This was the first time, Song Qingchun had cared so much about another person's thoughts, and it was also the first time that she had apologized with such sincerity to another person. Even before, when she had a crush on Qin Yinan, whenever there was a conflict between them, even if she was the cause of said conflict, she would turn around and walk away in a fit until Qin Yinan surrendered to soothe her.

It was her impression that admitting defeat to reconcile with another person was something incredibly embarrassing, but now she realized that when you really loved someone, you would do everything to earn their love and forgiveness.

Su Zhinian's wall of silence made Song Qingchun even more worried. She was really afraid that he would be unhappy and would ignore her. They had been together less than four days, so they had not even had the chance to enjoy the bliss and sweetness yet, but they would experience their first cold war already?

Song Qingchun opened her lips pitiably. "Su Zhinian, I know I've disappointed you. If you're unhappy, feel free to scold me, but please don't ignore me"

Su Zhinian, who had been squatting before her, suddenly stood up slowly.

Is he going to walk away in anger? Song Qingchun immediately reached out to grab Su Zhinian's sleeve to stop him from walking away. "Su Zhinian, it is my fault, please don't be mad"

Perhaps it was the hormones in her body, but as she begged Su Zhinian for forgiveness, her tears started to fall. "If not, you can even hit me, but please don't ignore me and give me the cold shoulder"

Her voice was filled with pity and shame; it drifted into Su Zhinian's ears and caused his heart to melt into a pool of water. For a moment, he regretted his decision to play a joke on Song Qingchun to pretend to be mad, to see how she would react.

Su Zhinian, who couldn't carry on this faade anymore, used his hand to tousle Song Qingchun's fluffy hair. "Who told you I'm mad?"