Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 832

Chapter 832: A Hug (7)

Song Qingchun was startled before cautiously raising her head to look at Su Zhinian. Her cute and ditzy manner tickled Su Zhinian's funny bone, and even his eyes started to smile. His hand that was placed upon her head couldn't help but ruffle her long hair. "You must be tired after talking for so long. How about we have something to eat first?"

Song Qingchun stared at Su Zhinian's impossibly handsome face and blinked twice wordlessly.

When Song Qingchun was going through her story, Su Zhinian had heard the rumbling in her stomach. Even though he asked a question, after he said so, he immediately turned around to call the waitress to serve the rest of the food.

However, before he could walk away, Song Qingchun reached out to grab his sleeve and asked with uncertainty, "You're really not mad?"

Su Zhinian tilted his head sideways and saw the anxiety festering at the bottom of the girl's eyes.

Looks like if I don't explain myself clearly, she won't have a peaceful dinner. After some silence, Su Zhinian tossed the thought of calling the waitress out of his mind. He turned around to stare into her eyes and said, "Tingting, I'm really not mad."

As he said so, Su Zhinian reached out to smooth down her hair. "I was a bit sad when you said that you called me Zhinian as an act, but that small degree of sadness wouldn't amount to anger."

Su Zhinian's words were laced with sincerity, but the anxiety in Song Qingchun's eyes still didn't disperse. She bit on her lower lips in thought before once more asking softly, "Really not mad?"


She still felt unconvinced. Her finger made circles on the table as she said, "Are you willing to swear on it?"

It was a juvenile request, but Su Zhinian removed the hint of a smile from his face completely as he bent down to maintain the same height as Song Qingchun, who was seated. He looked in her eyes and promised, "Tingting, I swear on my life I'm not angry at you. If anything, I'm worried by the way you're acting."

After a moment's silence, Su Zhinian continued, but the name that escaped his lips was not Tingting but... "Song Qingchun."

His tone was more severe than usual, and Song Qingchun's heart went up to her throat. While holding her gaze, Su Zhinian spoke in an unusually serious tone. "My purpose beside you is to make you happy and not make your life more miserable. Even though I'm glad to know you care so much about me, as long as it makes you happy, you can do anything you want."

My purpose beside you is to make you happy and not make your life more miserable. The simple promise struck right into the softest part on the left side of Song Qingchun's chest. Her eyes started to mist. There were many things that flooded her mind that she wanted to say to him in return, but in the end, she could utter out one phrase. "Huggies?"

As she said so, Song Qingchun raised her head and opened her arms.

Su Zhinian leaned into her embrace without hesitation. A simple hug pulled the two of them closer, and even the atmosphere in the room became pleasantly warm.

Song Qingchun, who was snuggled in Su Zhinian's arms, seemed to remember something as she raised her head to lean into Su Zhinian's ear and whispered gently and slowly, "Zhinian."