Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 833

Chapter 833: A Hug (8)

It felt like a heavenly song had descended on him. Su Zhinian lowered his head to kiss Song Qingchun on her lips. He dominated her lips for a long time before letting her go unwillingly. With one of his hands on her waist and another rubbing her flushed cheeks, he breathed in heavily before he couldn't help him from complaining slightly. "If such thing happens again in the future and I'm not around, please don't rush forward to help others and put yourself in danger, okay?"

Song Qingchun nodded obediently. Su Zhinian couldn't stop himself from leaning in for another kiss. After several pecks, with his lips still attached to hers, he said, "But I am a bit unhappy, not because you took advantage of me, because of Tang Nuan. Did she lose her mind? To find you for help. And you, what were you thinking to go and help her"

"Su Zhinian, you're so narrow-minded." Song Qingchun grinded her lips on Su Zhinian alluringly for a moment until she noticed the coldness between his brows dissipating. Only then did she answer. "Actually, it wasn't my intention to help her. If I'm being frank, it felt good seeing her getting her due punishment, at least it was initially


Song Qingchun's tone suddenly turned depressed. She placed her hands around Su Zhinian's waist and leaned back to introduce some distance between their lips before continuing. "But she's pregnant and was doing everything she could to shield her stomach during the assault. I I felt sorry for her and the baby. After all, the baby is innocent."

Su Zhinian, who couldn't care less about Tang Nuan, grunted absent-mindedly.

The talk of Tang Nuan's pregnancy reminded Song Qingchun of the baby in her own stomach. With her focus on the issue of pregnancy, she didn't notice the furrowing of Su Zhinian's brows.

The baby in the stomach? Whose stomach? Tang Nuan's?

Song Qingchun leaned her head onto Su Zhinian's chest. Listening to his powerful beating heart, Song Qingchun lowered her eyelids involuntarily. After a while, she called out, "Zhinian?"

"Yes?" the man answered.

Song Qingchun opened her lips, but it was not a confession that fell out of her lips.

"Do you like children?"

Why would she suddenly ask this? A bad feeling crawled up Su Zhinian's heart. He answered after a meaningful silence, "I don't; they're too noisy."

Of course, he only gave that answer because he and she could never have children.

He believe that she was merely inspired by Tang Nuan's pregnancy to have asked that question. Perhaps she was feeling sad about the experience of motherhood being taken away from her because she chose to be with him.

Even though Su Zhinian answered readily, Song Qingchun knew he was lying to her. How could he not like children? Even if he doesn't like little kids, he will definitely cherish his own child.

When she sat alone on the bench that afternoon, she had already made the decision to confess to Su Zhinian, but when the moment arrived, she found herself lacking in courage.

After all, other people's pregnancies were good news that should be celebrated, but hers was a nightmare.

Song Qingchun, who was lost in thought, didn't realize that Su Zhinian's expression changed. It had become rather stiff and rigid.