Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 835

Chapter 835: A Hug (10)

He heard Song Qingchun's footsteps move for a few steps before stopping. Then it sounded like she was talking to a waitress or waiter. "I'm sorry, do you mind fetching me a glass of water?"

It was a female voice who answered her. "Of course not, please wait a moment."

About half a minute later, Song Qingchun's reply came. "Thank you."

Then there was sound of the zipper being opened. She was probably rummaging through her bag because there was a muffled sound of stuff being tossed around. As if answering Su Zhinian's confusion, the waitress who handed Song Qingchun the glass of water said, "Miss, are you pregnant? Cause I notice you're eating folate and calcium tablets."

After the sound of swallowing, Su Zhinian heard Song Qingchun say, "Yes."

"This is such a coincidence; I'm also pregnant. I'm two months pregnant, what about you?"

"One and a half months."

Perhaps that was a link between mothers because Song Qingchun chatted quite openly and easily with the waitress. The waitress asked, "Have you gone to the hospital for your medical?"

"I did, just went this morning." Song Qingchun sounded like she had passed the glass back to the waitress before adding, "Thank you."

So, she skipped work today to go for a check at the hospital One and a half months pregnant Meaning it happened that night at the hospital

"Mr. Su?" The waitress who stood beside Su Zhinian, waiting for him to sign the bill, finally prompted him after realizing he had spaced out looking at the bill. Su Zhinian quickly came to, grabbed the pen, and signed the bill speedily.

After the waitress left, Su Zhinian leaned back in his chair. He stared at the city lights outside the window for some time before he put his hand into his pocket to remove his phone. He made a call.

"Hello, is this Doctor Xia? No I'm perfectly fine. I'm calling because I have a medical question. How big is the probability for a defective child between biological siblings? The child will most likely suffer even after birth? Rare are the cases where the babies from such a relationship are healthy? No I'm simply asking for a friend Then, what is your professional opinion? There's no other choice? "

At this point, Su Zhinian heard Song Qingchun's footsteps returning. "Okay, I understand That's all, thank you Goodbye."

The moment he finished talking, the door was pushed open. Su Zhinian turned around to look at Song Qingchun, who was walking in, before hanging up the call.

"What's wrong? Is it work calling?" Song Qingchun asked.

"No, it's nothing important. That was Tang Nuo calling" Su Zhinian gave a random reason as he picked up the boxes of present that he had bought and walked toward her.

Su Zhinian dropped Song Qingchun at the gate to the Song family's residential area. He didn't get out from the car. After she walked through the gate, he drove away.

Su Zhinin drove for about two hundred metres before slamming on the brakes to stop by the roadside. Doctor Xia had just told him on the phone that the probability of a defective child among siblings was very high. Many people kept the child out of mercy, but for most, the ending was less than happy.

Song Qingchun was already one and a half months pregnant. When he hugged her at Golden Corner earlier, he could read from her heart that she hadn't readied herself to tell him the news yet. However, he didn't have time left for her to get ready. He had to figure out a way to make her aware that he already knew about her pregnancy, and it had to be as soon as possible.