Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 836

Chapter 836: You're More Important than the Child (1)

She told the waitress she went to the hospital this morning, and the folate and calcium tablets are in her bag, this means that

Su Zhinian suddenly had an idea surface in his mind. He immediately gave Tang Nuo a call.

After hanging up, Su Zhinian stared at the silent streets for a while before starting the engine to drive toward a nearby 24-hour convenience store. He bought two bottles of Fenjiu, climbed back into his car and returned to the Song family.

It was Song Cheng's wife Fang Rou who opened the door for him. Like usual, she greeted him kindly before opening the door the let him in. The Song family had maids, but Fang Rou personally bent down to help Su Zhinian grab a pair of slippers and placed them before him.

Su Zhinian thanked her. After putting the slippers on, he walked into the living room. Song Menghwa was nowhere to be seen. He was about to ask after him when Fang Rou behind him softly said, "Father is in the shower."

Su Zhinian nodded wordlessly before planting himself gracefully down on the sofa. He placed the two bottles of wine on the coffee table, but Fang Rou did not join him. Instead, she walked behind Su Zhinian to head into the dining room. One minute later, she came out with a cup of hot tea.

"Thank you." Su Zhinian had just said that when Song Menghwa's bedroom door was pushed open. Fang Rou smiled at Su Zhinian before turning to walk toward Song Menghwa and said, "Father, Mr. Su is here."

Then she held his arm as they walked toward the sofa.

Song Menghwa leaned against the sofa and asked, "Ah Nian, why are you here so late at night?"

"A friend of mine gifted me two bottles of Fenjiu during dinner tonight. I remembered it's your favorite, so I drove over."

Fang Rou sat beside Song Menghwa with a smile and commented, "Father, Mr. Su sure is filial."

Song Menghwa laughed happily before asking Fang Rou to go prepare some fruits for Su Zhinian. Su Zhinian sat on the sofa, and while it appeared like he was chatting with Song Menghwa, his attention was focused on Song Qingchun's movements upstairs.

Other than the sound of the television, there were no other weird noises from her room. Just as Su Zhinian suspected Song Qingchun had fallen asleep, he heard her speedily jump down from bed, the sound of her rapid footsteps across the floor, the door being shoved open, and finally the sound of vomiting.

She vomited for a long time before stopping. It probably exhausted the poor girl because he could hear her gasping for air. Then, there was the sound of water flushing. About half a minute later, the room started to quiet down again. Then Su Zhinian heard the ruffling of clothes.

Is she undressing for bed? Su Zhinian continued chatting calmly with Song Menghwa for a little while longer before standing up to leave.

Just as Song Menghwa walked him to the door, Su Zhinian acted like he just remembered something and stopped. "By the way, where is Qingchun?"

"Upstairs." Song Menghwa pointed upwards and turned to order Fang Rou, "Fang Rou, do you mind going up there to get Qingchun"

"That's fine, I'll go up myself," Su Zhinian interrupted Song Menghwa. Then he added, "I have something to discuss with her about work."

  1. A type of Chinese spirit distilled in Fenyang.