Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 845

Chapter 845: You're More Important than the Child (10)

This simple sentence delivered in a levelled manner caused Song Qingchun to quiet down immediately.

"Tingting, do you know how much I hated myself when I found out about your pregnancy? I resent myself for acting so rashly, resent myself for not reminding you to take the morning-after pills. The torment that you're facing is because of me. I've already caused you so much torment, so I cannot allow this torture to continue on any further.

"If we take away this child now, you'll be pained and saddened, but it'll pass. Time will heal, but if we give birth to a troubled child, it'll be a lifelong burden on you.

"Tingting, I admit my love for this child is definitely less than the amount you have for it because, for me, you're far more important than the child. If I have to make a choice, I will not hesitate to choose you and give the child up.

"So, Tingting, I really cannot force myself to stay my hands knowing you're making a mistake. I cannot bring myself to see you get tormented for the rest of your life due to an unhealthy child.

"Next Wednesday, I will accompany you to Shanghai. No one will know us there, and I will be by your side throughout. Please, for the sake of our future, Tingting, remove this child, okay?"

Song Qingchun started to wail in earnest. She could feel her heart shaking. His every single word was like a knife aiming at her knife. She twitched as if stabbed.

Before this, when people talked about how great a mother's love was, she nodded along, but she didn't really understand the extent of that love. Now, she really understood; a mother could give up everything for her child. She knew that Su Zhinian was right, and it behoved her to follow his advice, but she simply couldn't do it. She couldn't nod in agreement.

In fact, after a long internal struggle, she still shook her head at him.

Su Zhinian, who was holding Song Qingchun's hand, could sense the wavering of her internal conviction. He made use of this opportunity to make his appeal. "Tingting, if you really want a child, we can adopt

"We'll give the child a happy and wonderful home. And I know that you'll be a wonderful mother

"So, please don't bet with your life for the sake of this one, okay?

"You have to know that if anything happens to you, I will not hesitate to follow you So, please, for my sake"

Song Qingchun suddenly shrugged Su Zhinian's hands away like she was jolted by electricity. She was afraid that if this conversation any further, she would be convinced by him and give her approval. Before Su Zhinian realized what was she doing, Song Qingchun already removed the seatbelt, shoved the door open, grabbed her purse, and run out.

"Tingting!" Su Zhinian called her name and got out to chase after her. However, he was ultimately too late. Before he caught up to her, she had already hailed a cab and got into it.

Su Zhinian hurried to run back to his car. By the time he got on the road, the cab that Song Qingchun was in had already disappeared among the traffic.

As he drove in the general direction that the cab disappeared in, he focused on locating her voice among the din of the city, but she was quiet, so very quiet that he simply couldn't find her.

He pulled out his phone to call her, but her phone was off.