Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 847

Chapter 847: Her Hesitance (2)

Tang Nuan sat in bed for a long time before her eyes wandered around this best patient's room in the hospital. Eventually, they settled on the mountain of luxury items that filled up the entire sofa. As she stared at them, Tang Nuan's lips curved upwards, and she started chuckling softly to herself.

These stuff that filled up the sofa would cost at least several ten thousand RMB. A working class man might work his whole life and still wouldn't be able to afford half of them, but me? A beating and a pregnancy later, they're all mine. And that's not all, if this child in my stomach is a boy, I'll even get a bungalow that is worth several million

Now that I think about it, this beating and this child in my stomach sure are worth a lot of money

Tang Nuan's laughter became louder and louder until tears started to fall out of the corner of her eyes. She was suddenly reminded of Qin Yinan. If she had still been Qin Yinan's girlfriend and the child in her stomach was his, how would he have treated her?

He probably wouldn't have been able to give her all these luxury or even a bungalow worth millions; he could only afford a small studio apartment that he would have to continue to pay off for the rest of his life.


When she was sick, he would stay beside her, too worried about her to leave; when she was tried, he would squat down before her to massage her feet in warm water; when she was hungry, he would personally go into the kitchen to cook for her; when she was bullied, his normally gentle eyes would be filled with anger

But he was merely a chess piece for her to deal with Song Qingchun, a chess piece that she could give up at any moment so what was wrong with her? Why had she been reminded of his kindness so much recently?

Tang Nuan didn't take any of the presents given by CEO Huang. On Thursday morning, before she left the hospital, she gifted all the presents to the hospital nurses without batting an eye. She gave most of the presents to the nurse who had taken care of her over the past two days. To thank her for her generosity, the nurse personally escorted her out of the hospital and even used her own phone to call Tang Nuan a cab.

However, Tang Nuan didn't get into the taxi the nurse called for her because she ran into Su Zhinian.

The hospital was crowded with people, but the man would always be the centre of attention no matter where he was. Now that she thought about it, Tang Nuan realized that she had not seen him for a very long time already.

A years-long habit compelled Tang Nuan to follow Su Zhinian silently even though her mind had no clue why she was doing that.

Tang Nuan thought that Su Zhinian was at the hospital because he was not feeling well, but to her surprise, he was there to schedule the time for an operation.