Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 848

Chapter 848: Her Hesitance (3)

Tang Nuan left the hospital and didn't go out to party like she usually would but stayed obediently at home, watching television and sleeping, probably to undo the damage her child had suffered.

At 11 pm that Friday night, after cooking herself some supper, Tang Nuan prepared to climb into bed when she received a message. It was from that woman.

"She's back at the company. It's time to make your move."

The message was short and vague, but Tang Nuan understood what the woman meant. Song Qingchun was now at TW Station. So she had to go back to the company and find an opportunity to poison her.

Today was a Friday, and since tomorrow was a weekend, there wouldn't be that many people at work. She could return to the company with any reason. With Song Qingchun and herself alone at the company, she could find an opportunity to poison her easily. In fact, she could make use of the fact that Song Qingchun had helped her that Tuesday. Just give her a glass of drugged water as thanks, and it would be done.

If Tang Nuan had received this message any time prior to that Tuesday, she would have departed for TW Station happily. But now Tang Nuan stared at the message for a long time until the phone locked itself automatically, and she still hadn't moved from her bed.

Perhaps it was her silence or someone was watching over her, but after half an hour, Tang Nuan's phone suddenly rang. It was from that woman.

Tang Nuan hesitated, staring at the phone before answering it. The female voice that came through was polite and gentle. "Am I disturbing your sleep, Miss Tang?"

"No" Tang Nuan paused and asked even though she already knew the answer, "Why are you calling so late at night?"

The woman on the phone knew that Tang Nuan was playing dumb with her, but she didn't expose her. Her tone was similar to before, kind and soft. "I just sent you a message, and since you haven't replied after so long, I was worried about you, so I gave you a call."

Tang Nuan hesitated before answering, "Is that so? I will go take a look at it now."

Tang Nuan had read the message many times already, but she still made a show of reading it again. "But it's already after midnight, perhaps she has gone home already"

"She's there, and she'll be there throughout the night." The woman cut Tang Nuan off in her soft but firm voice.

Tang Nuan was silent since she didn't know what to say. After about half a minute, Tang Nuan finally continued. "Actually, I'm not feeling so well, is it possible"

"Miss Tang, if I'm not mistaken about three years ago, you published a leaked photo of Sun Ying. However, I hear from my sources, the woman in the picture wasn't even Sun Ying but someone who looked similar to her that you found and planted simply because you needed a promotion. Of course, who would have thought the public pressure after the release of that photo would be so big that Sun Ying committed suicide? It would be unfair to call that your fault, right?"

Tang Nuan's face blanched, and her fingers that held the phone started to tremble.

"Also two years ago, that explosive public interest news about decency on public transport. I do wonder how true your report on it is. I would bet there is plenty of misinformation that someone, like the boss of TW Station, would find upon taking a closer look, right?

"That's not all. I'm glad that CEO Huang invited you to go on a 'business' trip with him to Li Jiang several months ago. I'm sure the two of you shared some wonderful times together, right? Although, I'm curious, how much of that trip did you actually remember? Would you like a reminder? I have a video here that I can send to you to jog your memory."