Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 849

Chapter 849: Her Hesitance (4)

After she managed to collect herself, with trembling voice, Tang Nuan asked, "Have you been watching me?"

The woman on the phone acted like she didn't even hear Tang Nuan's question and continued in her soft-spoken tone that caused the hairs on Tang Nuan's back to rise. "Miss Tang, there are many other examples that I simply do not have time to list. I just want to remind you that, certain things, once you've gotten yourself involved, cannot be got out of that easily. Furthermore, haven't you gotten yourself way too deep already to want an out? Therefore, the ball is in your court. If your actions satisfy me, everything that I know will remain a secret, but if you don't Miss Tang, be prepared to lose your career, your life everything"

"Aren't you afraid that I will go to the police and come clean about everything?" Tang Nuan countered.

"Feel free to do that, but I have no guarantee what will happen to you and that baby in your stomach"

"You mad woman, you" The mention of the child caused Tang Nuan to lose her composure. She started cursing the woman with her whole body shaking. Regardless, no matter how ugly her curses were, the woman on the phone maintained her grace and calmness like she didn't even hear Tang Nuan. "Miss Tang, I hope I can receive the good news from you before I see you in person this weekend. Goodbye, Miss Tang."

Then, the call was ended, leaving Tang Nuan with the busy dial tone. She moved the phone away from her ear to call the woman back, but all she got was the voicemail saying, "I'm sorry, but the number you're calling is currently not in service."

Tang Nuan took in two deep breaths through gritted teeth before throwing her phone at the wall.

Half an hour later, Tang Nuan eventually arrived at the entrance to TW Station. After paying the taxi driver, she raised her head to look at this building where she had built her career. After a pause, she grabbed her bag and went up the stairs into the building.

The office was quiet, and the sound-activated lights came on following her footsteps. She pressed for the elevator to come. After a ring of the bell, the elevator door opened. Tang Nuan stepped into it and stared at the row of numbers for a long time before reaching out to press the number for the floor that she needed to head to.

The elevator door closed, and as the red number climbed, the expression on Tang Nuan's face gradually froze.

The elevator eventually stopped, and with another bell, the door opened. Tang Nuan summoned her legs to move as she slowly walked out of the elevator. Other than a few lights, the place was dark.

The place was dim, and as the woman promised, the lights of Song Qingchun's office were startling bright.

Tang Nuan didn't switch on the lights but walked toward her own cubicle, turned on her computer, and sat down.