Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 85

Chapter 85: Karma Is Always Watching 5
Chapter 85: Karma Is Always Watching (5)
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After a short silence, Song Qingchun asked, "Brother Yinan, do you still like Tang Nuan?"

As if surprised that Song Qingchun would ask such a question, the sound of drinking stopped. Qin Yinan took a long time, probably to contemplate the question seriously before answering, "Yes."

Song Qingchun was silent.

There was an added gentleness that coursed through the electronic cable before drifting into Song Qingchun's ear. "Actually, I have not once forgotten about her over all these years."

Song Qingchun's hand that gripped her phone was white from force. Feeling like the air had been completely sucked out of her lungs, she replied with forced levity, "Then, Brother Yinan, you have to work harder!"

Qin Yinan did not answer but chuckled lowly on the phone. Song Qingchun hurriedly located a reason to hang up the phone. The tears that she had been holding in her eyes slid down her face as she did.

Actually, when she received the message from Tang Nuan on her birthday, she knew Qin Yinan was still carrying a torch for Tang Nuan. However, when she received the confirmation personally from Qin Yinan, she still found it quite hard to accept.

When she was small, she had not understood what love was. She had only wanted to spend her whole life with her Brother Yinan. When her family moved away and thus she could not see her Brother Yinan daily anymore, she had cried her heart out, but she had never once thought of giving up on that dream.

When she was in junior high, Qin Yinan became her first crush. She'd dreamed about how she would marry him one day when she was older. Finally, when she graduated from high school and gathered the courage to confess her feelings, he had confided in her that he was in love with Tang Nuan. She had been devastated, but she did not give up.

In the years of university, she had watched him treat Tang Nuan like a goddess, she had been there beside him when he drowned his sorrow due to Tang Nuan, and she had been there when he asked for her opinion on the presents he was preparing for Tang Nuan She smiled through the bitterness because deep down in her heart, she still held onto that hope and did not give up.

When he left to join the military, he lost contact with Tang Nuan. He had been heartbroken, and it was she who helped him through the haze of sadness. However, he did not know, at the time, there was a part of her that was happy because she finally saw her chance arrive. Facing so many men who wooed her, she remained unmoved. She waited with a loyal heart for him to return from the military. Needless to say, those few years he was in the military, she still had not given up on him.

She'd waited for him to finally come back home. When he told her that he still liked Tang Nuan, she'd thought that she would go back to her usual modus operandi and would not give up on him

However, she realized that her conviction started to shake this time. Was she really going to spend the rest of her life waiting for her Brother Yinan to notice her? Could it be that it was finally time for her to give up? She had been chasing him for so many years, and honestly, she was really starting to get tired

Monday, 9 am, TW Station was going to start the weekly meeting.

The moment the station manager stepped into the meeting room, he grumbled with dissatisfaction, "Why was there a file missing from the table yesterday? Who did not submit a story?"

The meeting room was silent. The manager glanced at his secretary, who quickly checked the records on the computer. "It was Song Qingchun."

"Song Qingchun" The station manager chewed on her name as his gaze scanned the people sitting around the meeting table. His brows furrowed when he noticed an empty space. "Where is Song Qingchun?"

After a whole, someone whispered softly, "Song Qingchun is not here yet."

"What is wrong with her? Doesn't she know there is a weekly meeting every Monday?"