Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 850

Chapter 850: Her Hesitance (5)

Tang Nuan sat frozen in her seat for a long time, staring at the harsh glare of the monitor. Her mind was a mess. She couldn't tell what her real thoughts were, and she didn't know what her choice should be.

The night gradually passed. The sky outside the office window started to brighten until the sun rose from the eastern horizon, casting the whole office in its warm glow. The world outside started to prepare to welcome a new day. It was then that Tang Nuan slowly blinked into consciousness.

She sighed deeply and grabbed her wallet to go downstairs to get some cash from the ATM next door. Then she went to the office cafeteria to buy two sandwiches and two glasses of milk before returning to the office.

Tang Nuan returned to her cubicle and placed her wallet down. She pulled out an envelope from her drawer and put in the cash that she had just withdrawn from the ATM. She sealed the envelope and opened her bag to retrieve the medicine bottle. She shook out several pills and dropped them into one of the glasses. Tang Nuan waited for the pills to complete dissolve before walking toward Song Qingchun's office, carrying the breakfast that she had bought and the envelope.

Honestly, she was really touched by Song Qingchun's aid that day, especially the last thing that she did. If she didn't pass the taxi driver that money, she would have lost her child already. If she was given another chance to make her life choices, she wouldn't have aligned herself with that mad woman, but life had no retries. The arrow had been released from the bow.

She was in the news business, and she knew how dangerous public opinion could be. She didn't have the courage to face the consequences if all of her evil deeds were exposed. Furthermore, she was pregnant. Admittedly, she wasn't a good person, but she wanted to be a good mother. The moment she found out about her pregnancy, her love toward her child started to overflow. She suffered through the beating for her child, she begged the one person she had hated her whole life for her child, and now she had to be evil again for her child.

Tang Nuan stood outside Song Qingchun's office quietly for a long time before raising her fist to knock lightly on the door. There was no response.

Tang Nuan knocked again, and this time, she heard the chair moving. She waited for another few minutes. When Song Qingchun didn't come to the door, she pushed it open and walked in.

Song Qingchun was curled up in her chair, staring at the sunlight outside her window. Tang Nuan had no idea what was on Song Qingchun's mind, but her face was pale, and she didn't seem to realize that someone else had walked into her office.

Tang Nuan stood at the door for some time before closing the door behind her and walking toward Song Qingchun. She placed the drugged milk before Song Qingchun.

Song Qingchun, who had remained motionless, raised her eyes to look at her but didn't say anything or have any change in her expression before she turned her head back to look out the window.

Tang Nuan placed one of the sandwiches beside the glass of milk. She looked around Song Qingchun's office and pulled a chair over to sit down. She then pushed the envelope toward Song Qingchun. "Inside is the money you paid the taxi driver that day."

Song Qingchun seemed to have morphed into a statue because she didn't even move her pupils in reaction to Tang Nuan.

After a moment's silence, Tang Nuan took a sip of her milk and said, "Thank you."