Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 851

Chapter 851: Her Hesitance (6)

Song Qingchun was still completely unresponsive like she had submerged into another world and was unable to come out from it. Tang Nuan lowered her gaze and pursed her lips before adding, "You've been hard at work for a whole night already. You must be tired. Here, have something to eat."

Song Qingchun's eyes finally moved. After about ten seconds, her eyes gradually to move and fall on Tang Nuan's face. "You were also at the company yesterday night?"

"Yes." Tang Nuan couldn't remember the last time she'd had such a civil conversation with Song Qingchun already. She had a hard time getting used to this type of conversation that didn't involve yelling and snide comments, so she stuttered before explaining, "There's a big story happening next week, and the information still hasn't been collated. So I came to work on it."

"Okay." Song Qingchun turned back around to the window. The words that left her mouth next could have been meant for either Tang Nuan or herself. "You've got a baby to worry about now, so don't tire yourself out too much."

Tang Nuan had the glass of milk to her lips when her hand trembled. The hot liquid splashed out of the glass and scalded her fingertips.

Is she worried about my child? Tang Nuan raised her head dumbly to stare at Song Qingchun's profile. The latter didn't have on any make-up, and Tang Nuan noticed there was a small beauty mark at the tip of her nose.

Time seemed to have rolled back many years, back to when they were in high school. Tang Nuan and Song Qingchun used to sit next to each other and during class. Song Qingchun had been prone to spacing out, and this was the exact expression she would have when Tang Nuan turned around to look at her.

At the time, even though Song Qingchun was still young, she had already been quite a beauty. Tang Nuan would sometimes lose herself staring at her, thinking, If only I had a face like hers

Tang Nuan's favourite feature on Song Qingchun's face was that beauty mark of hers. According to Chinese culture, that represented wealth. At the time, she and Song Qingchun had still been friends, and conversations like that were common.

"Tang Nuan, if it's that time of the month for you, stay away from the cold food."

"Tang Nuan, this diary is so pretty, how about I buy you one as well."

"Tang Nuan"

At the time, Song Qingchun probably treated me as her real friend. Alas, I approached her because I had a hidden agenda in mind. Why I am suddenly reminded of all these things from the past? Is it because I'm about to do what I'm about to do?

Tang Nuan closed her eyes slightly to arrange her emotions before slowly opening them again. She was about to tell Song Qingchun drink and eat while it was still hot when, out of the corner of her eyes, she saw the medicine bottles that were left on Song Qingchun's table. She couldn't have been more familiar with those bottles because she had been taking them. Those were folate and calcium tablets.

Why is Song Qingchun taking them too? Tang Nuan frowned and then realized that Song Qingchun's table was also filled with many paper notes that were full of scribbles.

"Baby, I'm sorry", "Little Sesame", "Su Zhinian", "Baby, mummy don't have the heart to do this to you"

Little Sesame, Su Zhinian, Baby, Mummy These words flooded Tang Nuan's mind. She needed some time to process everything before she turned to Song Qingchun with shock and asked, "You're pregnant?"

Then, her gaze landed on Song Qingchun's stomach, but it was still flat like hers.