Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 852

Chapter 852: Her Hesitance (7)

No wonder I ran into her at the hospital, she was there for pregnancy check-up like me. But why does she need to apologize to her child? Could it be that

Tang Nuan's brows furrowed before asking, "Is there something wrong with your child?"

Tang Nuan's question caused Song Qingchun's body to shiver. Her reaction confirmed that Tang Nuan was right. Perhaps this was her inner mother talking, but she continued. "Can't something be done, considering how advanced our medical technology is? What did the doctor say? I'm sure something can be done, right? Look at me, my child is fine even after the beating that day. So I'm sure it'll be fine!"

Song Qingchun turned away from her. After a long silence, she sighed, "It's no use"

Tang Nuan didn't say anything, but through the mirror in the room, she could see clearly two lines of tears fall down Song Qingchun's face. Tang Nuan had never seen Song Qingchun in so much sadness, despair, and pain before. In her mind, Song Qingchun had always been an arrogant and eye-grabbing existence.

God only knew how much she had wished to see this side of her before, but instead of feeling glad, she realized that her heart twitched greatly with pain as if someone was gripping it tight.

She should hate her deeply. It was her who caused Su Zhinian to turn on her; it was her who made Su Zhinian hate her; it was also her who caused Qin Yinan to leave her Song Qingchun was responsible for so many tragedies in her life, but this woman who she hated to her core was going to lose her child after saving hers.

Just like that, the decision that she had made started to waver. The reminder for Song Qingchun to drink the milk while it was hot fell from her lips and down her throat.

The office was quiet for sometimes before Song Qingchun turned back around. She wiped the tears from her eyes and reached out to grab the glass of milk from her table. The earlier sadness had left her face, and as she thanked Tang Nuan, she raised the glass to her lips.

After she took a sip, Tang Nuan's quest would be completed. She could escape from the woman's grasp and move overseas to begin a new life. Her life wouldn't be destroyed, and she would be given a new lease on life.

Tang Nuan's hands curled anxiously into fists. She tried her best to stop her lips from saying anything, but when the milk touched Song Qingchun's lips, the two words, "Song Qingchun!" escaped from her words before she could stop herself.

The urgency in Tang Nuan's voice stopped Song Qingchun. She raised her eyes to look at Tang Nuan, but when the latter didn't say anything, she continued to tip the glass of milk into her mouth.

Tang Nuan didn't dare to rush forward to swipe the glass out of Song Qingchun's hand because that would have been too obvious. In her desperation, she was reminded of the name "Su Zhinian" written on Song Qingchun's note, and she blurted out something related to him hoping to distract her.

"Song Qingchun, I saw Su Zhinian at the hospital three days ago!"

Thankfully, the name "Su Zhinian" did make Song Qingchun stop moving. Eventually she did move the glass of milk away from her lips, and her eyes that stared at Tang Nuan were coloured with confusion.

Tang Nuan sighed in relief under her breath.