Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 857

Chapter 857: A Hint That Cost Her Life (2)

A single sentence gave life back to Su Zhinian's heart. His body quivered, and before he could react, a sourness prickled the back of his eyes. He immediately lowered his eyes to hide the water in his eyes.

Su Zhinian was facing away from the light, and his face was shrouded in shadows. Song Qingchun was unable to catch his expression. The only thing she could notice was how unkempt his clothes were. His shirt was rumpled, and his sleeves were unbuttoned. It added an air of weariness to his clean and cold presence.

With his eyes lowered, Su Zhinian's calm exterior belied a raging storm within. They had just had their first fight yesterday. Song Qingchun had made the first move at reconciliation, but Su Zhinian didn't reply, which caused the already awkward atmosphere to tense even more.

Song Qingchun stared at Su Zhinian with anticipation on her face before lowering her head, and her fingers started to scratch a little unnaturally at the back of her hands. Su Zhinian's lack of reaction put Song Qingchun on the spot, and her small face began to blush with embarrassment.

I've already made the first move, so what does he want anymore by being so damn silent? I admit I lost control of my emotions yesterday, but it's because of our baby. In the end, haven't I returned? Is he that narrow-minded?

Dissatisfaction curled up into Song Qingchun's heart. She bit on her lips, and when she noticed Su Zhinian still hadn't responded, her embarrassment turned into anger, and she turned around ready to leave.

However, Su Zhinian was faster than she was. She just took the first step when he rushed to catch up to her.

Song Qingchun, with her head lowered, had just seen a pair of slippers covered with dust when a shadow fell over her. She was about to raise her head to take a look at it when a powerful force grabbed her at her arm. She leaned forward from the imbalance and fell into a warm and familiar embrace.

He hugged her tightly. Even though he still hadn't said anything, she could feel his body that was hugging her lightly trembling. Song Qingchun's heart gradually softened as she leaned obediently in Su Zhinian's chest, allowing him to hold her.

The occasional car honks, the sound of passing footsteps, and human activities all faded to the background as if the whole world only consisted of these two individuals holding each other.

After a very long time, after Su Zhinian managed to get hold of his emotions, he leaned his head toward her ear and whispered, "Do you know afraid I was when I was out looking for you? Please don't do that to me again, okay?"

His tone was as calm as usual, but Song Qingchun managed to discern a slight quivering in his voice like he was begging her. Song Qingchun's heart cracked with pain. Her eyelashes trembled as she raised her hands to hug his waist and burrowed her head deeper into his chest, promising him with a soft "okay".

Her reply caused an inexplicable emotion to surface in Su Zhinian's heart, and he hugged her closer. The two of them maintained this stance until Song Qingchun's stomach started rumbling. Su Zhinian then released her to ask, "Hungry? What are you in the mood for?"