Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 859

Chapter 859: A Hint That Cost Her Life (4)

"After I feel much better, I'll come back to Ming Jing Alley to wait for you so that you can come and find me herethis way you won't need to search high and low all over the city anymore" Song Qingchun tilted her head to the side in a show of contemplation before adding, "I won't be angry for long, at most 48 hours"


48 hours might still be a bit too long

Song Qingchun puffed up her cheeks and corrected herself, "24 hours, at most 24 hours. No matter how unhappy I might be, I'll definitely return here in less than 24 hours; that way you can just come here to find me!"

Song Qingchun felt like she was such a genius for coming up with such an idea. She smiled as she turned her head to ask, "What do you think? Isn't this the perfect proposal?"

"It is not bad" After a while, Su Zhinian repeated what he said earlier. "But, I'd prefer you not to disappear like that. If you're really that mad, you can tell me to leave. After you're not feeling that angry anymore, you can tell me, and I'll return"

As Su Zhinian continued, he raised his hands to pull on Song Qingchun's shoulders to prevent the crowd from knocking in her. "Because I can't stop myself from getting worried about you Worried about your safety, worried about whether you have taken good care of yourself, worried about whether you eat on time, worried there wasn't anyone there to snuggle you into bed at night, worried that you'll never return after you leave, but I'm different. Even if you chase me away, I will definitely return"

Because all these years I've been by your side, just one step away. Because you're my home, where my heart belongs. It has been this way, is this way, and will continue to be this way.

Song Qingchun was deeply touched and a blissful feeling swallowed her heart. She smiled brightly at Su Zhinian before turning back around to walk beside him.

She believed, this was the prettiest moment of her life. Holding hands with him as if they were walking toward their future together. Submerged in this wonderful feeling, Song Qingchun reported to Su Zhinian what had happened to her when she disappeared.

"Su Zhinian, I actually stayed at the company for the whole night."


"Su Zhinian, actually I did return to your house to look for you this early afternoon."


"Su Zhinian, I saw the thing you left on your bedside table."


Su Zhinian was a reticent man, so it appeared like Song Qingchun had many things to get off her chest. Before this, Song Qingchun didn't think she was such a chatterbox, but now, even she felt like her mouth just wouldn't close.

Then again, since he has nothing to say and I have plenty to say, this means that we are perfect for each other. In a way, we complete each other, yes?

Song Qingchun was tickled by this fanciful notion that appeared in her mind. After a moment's silence, she added, "Little Sesame will love that gravestone you designed."

"" Su Zhinian's footsteps slowed imperceptibly.

She just said, Little Sesame will love that gravestone, this means that

Su Zhinian whipped his head around to look at Song Qingchun.

Song Qingchun pretended to not have noticed that. With her eyes looking forwards, there was mist starting to cover her eyes. She curved her lips upwards, and with sincerity and clarity,she said, "Su Zhinian, let's go to Shanghai next Wednesday."

Su Zhinian's lips stretched thinly, but he didn't say a word in reply.

Song Qingchun lowered her gaze. "Su Zhinian, I'll listen to you and take away Little Sesame."