Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 86

Chapter 86: Karma Is Always Watching 6
Chapter 86: Karma Is Always Watching (6)
Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

The Station Manager roared at his secretary with great annoyance, "Give her a call to see what she is doing!"

"Yes." The secretary quickly used her phone to call Song Qingchun. It rang for a long time, but there was no answer. The secretary tried calling her several times, but no one picked it up. Finally, she shook her head at the Station Manager and said, "She is out of reach."

The Station Manager's face was the ugliest it had ever been. His secretary asked cautiously, "Should we wait for her?"

"Why wait? The meeting starts now!"

"Xia Ji has a large fan base, and the news of his possible marriage is the hot topic on the internet right now. Tang Nuan has gotten inside news regarding his marriage, and that is definitely explosive news, so this time, our headline will still be Tang Nuan's piece"

Suddenly, the door to the meeting room was pushed open. The commotion drew everyone's attention, and they saw a panting Song Qingchun leaning against the frame. She had clearly run over, evidenced by her messy hair and the sheen of perspiration on her forehead.

"I'm sorry for being late," Song Qingchun apologized as she caught her breath. She walked to the Station Manager, bowed and then presented him with a USB drive with both hands. "Manager, this is my script."

The Station Manager glanced at the USB drive and turned his head away as if Song Qingchun was not even there. "Congratulations to Tang Nuan for getting on the front page again. Everyone else, make sure you learn from her."

Then, the room erupted with applause. Tang Nuan smiled generously, but as her gaze met Song Qingchun's, there was apparent gloating in it.

Song Qingchun ignored her as she raised her hand to smooth down her tousled hair. She sidled to the Station Manager's side and pleaded, "Manager, please just take a look at my piece."

"You should have come to the meeting punctually," the Station Manager berated her openly as he stopped clapping. Noticing that, everyone else followed suit.

"Okay, if there is nothing else, this will be today's meeting"

She had only finished this story an hour ago, and she'd dashed to the company as if her life depended on it because she was afraid she might miss the meeting. Unfortunately, her ride had been caught in a traffic jam, so she'd basically sprinted the final stretch to the office.

The story in her hands would definitely usurp Tang Nuan's front page piece; she couldn't give up on such a good opportunity.

Galvanized, Song Qingchun interrupted the Station Manager, "Manager, I promise you, the piece I have is definitely newsworthy. I hope that you will take a look at it before you decide today's front page."

This time, before the Station Manager could answer, Tang Nuan, who was sitting in her seat with her legs leisurely crossed, opened her curved lips and enquired in a condescending tone, "Song Qingchun, do you mean to say your piece is more newsworthy than mine? Then, I will have to ask, who is your piece about?"

Song Qingchun really did not want to give Tang Nuan even the time of her day, but she noticed the Station Manager staring at her, so she answered, "It's related to Xia Ji."

Tang Nuan laughed like she had heard the best joke in the laugh. "That is such a coincidence because my story is also about Xia Ji. In that case, I do wonder, just what kind of news about him could be more newsworthy than Xia Ji getting married?"

Song Qingchun automatically filtered out Tang Nuan's condescension. She turned to the Station Manager and passed him the USB drive. "Manager, you will understand if you just take a look at this."