Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 860

Chapter 860: A Hint That Cost Her Life (5)

If the child is uniquely blessed, he'll definitely suffer after I give birth to him. In that case, I cannot hurt the child while, at the same time, hurting you who loves me thusly. I'm sad to give up on this child, but the reason I'm sad is because, other than the loss of motherhood the bigger reason is because this child is your present to me. It is because the child is yours that I have to protect them with such desperation.

Su Zhinian, who held her hand, could read the many thoughts that crossed her mind.

What was the most hauntingly beautiful thing in the world?

For your sake, I'm willing to give up our child, and similarly, for me, you're willing to do the same.

This girl, eighteen years ago, had managed to bring light into his darkened life with a simple statement"Big Brother says you're a bad man, so you have to be a bad man." Eighteen years later, she still managed to brighten his whole world with a simple, perhaps even unintentional, gesture.

He believed, there was only one woman in this world who could make his world so dark with despair and instantly brighten with hope so easily. So how could he not love and protect such a precious woman?

Su Zhinian pulled his elbow back to pull Song Qingchun closer to his face. He lowered his head to kiss Song Qingchun lightly on her lips. Song Qingchun's body trembled as his tongue sought entry through her lips.

The night of the first spring was cold, but the kiss was hot. The couple tussled in each other's embrace as the cold winds of the night caressed their fiery bodies.

After a long kiss, Su Zhinian finally relinquished her unwillingly. With both of their breaths coming hard and uneasy, he used his fingers to gingerly wipe the tears from the corner of her eyes. "I'm sorry, Tingting. I promise I'll never cause such pain in your life anymore."

"I know" Song Qingchun understood, that was not an empty promise; he did schedule a vasectomy operation to follow up on his words. She forced her lips to smile and continued softly, "But Su Zhinian, I'll do the surgery, so you don't need to do it. If you also do the surgery, who is going to take care of me after my surgery? So, you cannot do it; you have to take care of me Also, I'm warning you, don't expect me to take care of you Don't create unnecessary trouble for me Between the two of us, I'll allow you to take care of me, but don't expect the same treatment in return!"

She was so worried about his health that she would make such a ridiculous demand. Her alternative way of stopping him caused Su Zhinian's chest to fill up with warmth, but beneath all that, there was a sharp pain that pierced his heart.

He couldn't stop himself to holding her and kissing her again, to use his action to prove to her his love and his apology.

He wanted to hold her forever, kiss her until they were both old. However, he still eventually let go of Song Qingchun. Holding the blushing girl's hand, they walked toward the car that was parked not far away. When they almost reached it, Su Zhinian still offered, "Tingting, if you want to cry, do cry it out, don't hold it in."

Song Qingchun was confused before she understood that he was referring to the abortion. He didn't want her to hold in her sadness.

Indeed, she was devastated, how could she not be? However, this man had already sacrificed so much for Little Sesame, she didn't want to worry him anymore.