Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 862

Chapter 862: A Hint That Cost Her Life (7)

It made it sound like I'm desperately trying to seduce him Furthermore, if he didn't get it earlier, then I should have let it be, why should lay it out in the open for him? This is all his fault Oh God, I feel so dumb! Song Qingchun, who was fatally embarrassed, swung Su Zhinian's hand off to rush to the car and pull the back door open.

She was about to escape into the car when she was pulled back out by Su Zhinian. He hugged her from behind and used his face to nuzzle into the crook of her neck, blowing hot and wet breaths on her ear. His voice when he spoke was dripping with touching gentleness and an irresistible attraction. "Tingting, are you trying to seduce me?"

Song Qingchun's heart skipped a beat, and her face burned even redder. She bit on her lower lip and lowered her head out of shyness.

"But, it's okay because I like it when you take the initiative"

Song Qingchun's head lowered even more, and her face burned brighter. She couldn't help but mock him internally.Like your head, what initiative!

Su Zhinian read her thought and pulled her closer. He was about to whisper a few more arousing words into her ears when the phone in her pocket suddenly rang. Su Zhinian had no choice but to shut his lips and release Song Qingchun.

With her head still lowered, Song Qingchun pulled out her phone from the pocket. She glanced at the number, and it was an unknown number not registered on her phone. She hesitated before answering. An unfamiliar male voice came through, "Hello, is this Mrs. Song Qingchun?"

I don't think I recognize this voice Song Qingchun turned unconsciously to look at Su Zhinian before asking, "Yes, she's speaking but you are..?"

"I'm from the public safety department."

Public safety department? What does he want with me? Song Qingchun glanced once more toward Su Zhinian. Su Zhinian could hear the conversation and frowned. They shared a look before Song Qingchun continued cautiously on the phone, "I'm sorry, but how can I help you?"

"Do you know Miss Tang Nuan?"

Song Qingchun glanced at Su Zhinian again before continuing, "Yes."

"She's dead." The officer on the phone was so direct that Song Qingchun had a hard time registering the meaning of his words.

The officer on the phone continued officially, "About twenty minutes ago, there was a car accident at Kui Nan Road, and Miss Tang Nuan died on the scene. After our investigation, we found out she has a great amount of drugs in her system even though she was pregnant. However, based on our investigation, Miss Tang Nuan wasn't a drug user, so we suspect this is not an accident but a homicide. We recovered the victim's phone, and the last message on it was a Whatsapp message to you; that is why we're contacting you. Do you mind coming to the scene right now? We need your cooperation for this investigation."

The phone slipped from Song Qingchun's fingers and landed heavily on the floor. The phone wasn't broken because the police officer on the other end was still talking

Even the usually calm Su Zhinian was caught by surprise. He was startled for a moment before bending down to pick up her phone to tell the officer, "okay" in a low voice.