Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 864

Chapter 864: A Hint That Cost Her Life (9)

Therefore a mother like that would never willingly harm her child

"If this is not a suicide, then it's a homicide? But what is the motive?" the inspector asked.

"According to the information gathered, the victim doesn't have any huge grudges with anybody," the officer who contacted Song Qingchun earlier said.

"If we follow this lady's speculation and assume this is a homicide, then those drugs must have been forced into the victim's system." The officer who had been busy snapping pictures joined in the conversation.

The inspector ordered, "Have the expert come to look at the victim's car to check whether it has been tempered with or not."

One of the officers answered, "The call has been made. The car will be towed soon for the expert to examine."

The officer who contacted Song Qingchun asked her for a confirmation. "Are you sure the victim will not commit suicide?"

"I'm sure," Song Qingchun answered without hesitation. She was about to provide more guarantees when something on Tang Nuan's wrist captured her attention. The first to notice this slack in Song Qingchun's attention was Su Zhinian.

With a frown, he followed her gaze, but he didn't spot anything out of place, so he asked, "What's wrong?"

Song Qingchun didn't answer but turned around to walk to Tang Nuan's body again. She squatted down slowly to hold Tang Nuan's wrist to examine it closer. Tang Nuan's body still had some warmth, a warmth that would make one's heart chill. Song Qingchun's fingers trembled before her eyes zeroed in on the bangle she was wearing.

Su Zhinian stood where he was for a while before he followed her and squatted down beside her. He stared at the bangle alongside Song Qingchun before asking again, "What's wrong?"

Song Qingchun shook her head, but her eyes never left the bangle. After several seconds, she said, "I too can't tell what's wrong, but this bangle stood out for me for some reason like I've seen it somewhere before and quite often too Definitely not on Tang Nuan, but I can't remember on who"

Su Zhinian frowned as he moved his gaze to fall on the bangle on Tang Nuan's wrist again. He stared it for a long time, but other than its impressive clarity, there was nothing worth noting about it.

The inspector saw how Song Qingchun and Su Zhinian were squatting there, whispering among themselves, so he came over to ask, "Did you guys find a clue?"

Su Zhinian shook his head. "No."

He glanced at Song Qingchun, who was still studying the bangle. He thought about it before asking the inspector, "Do you mind if I take a picture?"

The inspector allowed it. "Go ahead."

Su Zhinian pulled out a phone from Song Qingchun's purse and took several pictures of Tang Nuan's bangle.

Earlier that afternoon when Song Qingchun left TW Station

The moment the elevator closed, Tang Nuan's tears started to fall like the pearls of a broken necklace.

The smile that she gave Song Qingchun disappeared instantly as she collapsed to the floor as if all her energy had left her. She held her face in her hands as she started to cry.