Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 865

Chapter 865: A Hint That Cost Her Life (10)

Tang Nuan had never tasted regret in her life before, but in that moment, she definitely felt the sting of it.

She regretted projecting her rage on Song Qingchun due to that slap from Su Zhinian during high school.

She regretted making Song Qingchun go through the same pain that she felt, to steal Qin Yinan away from her.

She regretted spreading the news about Song Qingchun sleeping with Su Zhinian that she received from that woman.

She regretted dangling Qin Yinan's kindness toward her before Song Qingchun during her university years to hurt Song Qingchun.

She regretted doing so many immoral things just to prove herself better than Song Qingchun.

She regretted not appreciating Qin Yinan when he held her in his palms.

She regretted so many things but most of all, that very first mistake that led her on the path to where she was now.

These past few months, she had been reminded of how nice Qin Yinan had treated her. She couldn't understand why the man kept appearing in her mind when she was certain she had never liked him. He was merely her tool, but when she forgave herself and forgave Song Qingchun, the truth that was blinded by her hatred started to peer through the dark clouds. She thought she love Su Zhinian the most, but perhaps without her realizing it, she had fallen in love with the gentle soul, Qin Yinan.

To anger Song Qingchun, she kept reminding her that she didn't like Qin Yinan, that she was merely using him. Perhaps she had even convinced herself of that without realizing it. Her blind hatred had closed her eyes to the good that was before her.

When Qin Yinan sacrificed himself to save Song Qingchun again and again, she was unhappy, but she thought that was because she was losing to Song Qingchun. Now she realized, she was being jealous.

Her heart wanted him, but her brain kept telling her otherwise.

When he suggested the break-up, she had been sad, but she had quickly turned that sadness into hatred toward Song Qingchun. When she knew he was going to marry Song Qingchun, she had panicked before rushing to his place. She had surrendered her pride and begged him to take her back.

Alas, it was too late If only, she could have seen the light sooner.

If only she had known earlier, she wouldn't have done all those illegal things and had the woman lord them over her; if only she had known earlier, she wouldn't have tangled herself with CEO Huang, and she wouldn't have broken up with Qin Yinan; if only she had known earlier, she probably would have stayed friends with Song Qingchun and perhaps even gained a friend in Su Zhinian through Song Qingchun; if she had known earlier, she would have introduced herself as Tang Nuan to Qin Yinan and not the Tang Nuan that she manufactured to trick him.

Alas, there was no redoing in life. It was already too late.

Tang Nuan didn't know how long she had cried, but when she stood up from the floor, the sun was already setting. She stepped into the bathroom to wash her face. When she came out, she received a call from that woman.

It was an invitation to meet that night.

What should come would come. Even if she didn't contact Tang Nuan, Tang Nuan would have contacted her. For the sake of her child, she had to fight for any chance she got.

However, Tang Nuan had underestimated the heartlessness of that woman.