Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 867

Chapter 867: A Hint That Cost Her Life (12)

Tang Nuan found herself crying at the same spot she once did several years ago. However, this time, no matter how distraught she was, there was no worried Song Qingchun who rush over to console her.

Once upon a time, she had such a precious friendship, but she had ruined it with her own two hands. She really did know her mistake then, and she wanted a do-over, but was that possible?

That afternoon, when Song Qingchun hurried to leave Station TW, she had hesitated about telling her who had killed her mother, brother, and was planning to kill her, but now, Tang Nuan's hesitation fell away.

She had to tell Song Qingchun the truth. She wasn't doing this to save her child or herself, but she wanted to do something for her once friend, a way to bookend or reignite the cherished memories they once shared. Tang Nuan felt like she owed Song Qingchun at least that much.

However, this was a world that operated on proof. Without any, she didn't think she could convince Song Qingchun of that woman's evil nature. Therefore, she needed time to collect some proof.

Tang Nuan knew the repercussion of her actions, the loss of her career, her reputation, and her image.

On the way to meeting that woman, she asked herself, Are you afraid?

Of course, she was afraid, very afraid in fact, but this was a decision that she had made.

Tang Nuan took a detour to the mall to pick up a wonderful present, and when the salesgirl was wrapping it up, she asked her for a red packet. After leaving the shop, she withdrew some cash to put inside the packet. After sealing it, she put the present alongside the money inside her bag.

Tomorrow was Qin Yinan's wedding

Before this, it had never crossed her mind to wish that man happiness. If anything, she had cursed that man multiple times, but now, she sincerely wished for his happiness, and she prayed that he would have a wonderful life together with his bride-to-be. Her gifts carried all of her blessings to this man who she had missed her chance with.

Back in her car, as she drove toward the scheduled meeting location, Tang Nuan called to arrange for her departure from this country. The person on the phone asked when would she like to depart, and she answered, "As soon as possible."

Tang Nuan understood she was not going to return after she left.

She hung up the phone when she arrived at her destination. She parked her car slowly and pulled out her trusty recorder that she had been using as a reporter for the past two years and hit the record button.

She sat in the car for several seconds to contemplate everything. After taking a deep breath, she pushed the door open, descended from the car, and slowly headed toward the single bungalow that sat before her.

The place was as isolated and as eerie as she remembered it.

The patio of the bungalow was off, and the only source of light was the lantern that hung on the porch. Tang Nuan borrowed the dim light as she navigated the pebble road toward the front door.

Tang Nuan was about to raise her hand to press the bell when she heard through the window that was slightly ajar the woman's voice.

"Tang Nuan will be coming to meet me tonight. Our meeting is scheduled at 10 pm. It is 9:20 pm now. I suppose she'll be here soon."

Tang Nuan's brows furrowed, and she put her hand down. She leaned closer to the open window so that she could hear clearer what was being said.