Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 868

Chapter 868: A Hint That Cost Her Life (13)

"No, it's still not yet time to abandon her as a valuable chess piece yet. I want to use her hands to kill Song Qingchun. As you know, unless truly necessary, I do not wish to come after Song Qingchun personally because that Su Zhinian is too hard to deal with. Brother Kun's gang tried to harm her many times, but they were all stopped by Su Zhinian. If not for the fact we were smart enough to ram our car into Brother Kun's car when he was escaping from the cops, causing him serious injury and dying on the way to the hospital, we would have been exposed already."

Brother Kun? Tang Nuan frowned. When she was pitting herself against Song Qingchun, she had unwittingly found out many things about her like the Brother Kun mentioned by this woman. Brother Kun was the person who kidnapped Song Qingchun and pushed her from an eighty-meter-tall building.

At the time, after the incident was exposed, Brother Kun, in his attempt to escape, got involved in a car accident. Everyone assumed that Brother Kun became too careless in his hurry to escape, but it looked like it wasn't an accident all along.

"I've discovered that Tang Nuan's hatred for Song Qingchun is not that deep anymoreshe has started to show signs of hesitation. We need to figure out a way to incite her hatred toward Song Qingchun Su Zhinian The one person Su Zhinian cares about is Song Qingchun, and Tang Nuan adores Su Zhinian, so I think we can do this" The woman inside hummed in contemplation before continuing. "Tomorrow will be Qin Yinan's wedding. Tang Nuan will definitely be there. You go plant someone there to let slip the information that the person who revealed her identity to Mrs. Huang was Su Zhinian and the reason he did that was because of Song Qingchun

"According to Tang Nuan's personality, she will hate Song Qingchun deeply when she receives this news. After all, her emotional state will be incredibly fragile on that day"

Tang Nuan had no clue who was on the other side of the phone, but the woman chuckled lowly to herself with her lips curved and confirmed, "Indeed, the reason I revealed the affair between Tang Nuan and CEO Huang to Mrs. Huang was to egg her on. The girl has gone soft lately, and she is of no use to us unless we make her hate Song Qingchun"

Tang Nuan's eyes widened to their maximum. So it was this woman who told Mrs. Huang about me and CEO Huang No wonder I never knew about CEO Huang's marriage and why Mrs. Huang suddenly appeared even though my affair with him has gone on for so long already It's all a set-up! At the end of the day, I'm merely a chess piece, a scapegoat for this woman to use Truly, how foolish I've been!

If I didn't run into her phone call accidentally, would I really have been taken advantage of like the gullible woman that I am at Yinan's wedding tomorrow? Would I have been tricked into killing Song Qingchun?

Tang Nuan's chest rose and fell unevenly. She tried her best to suppress the fury in her heart as she took a cautious step back from the window to try to slink away from the bungalow before the woman inside the house even noticed her.

Alas, she merely took two steps when the woman hung up her phone and stopped talking.