Living With A Temperamental Adonis: 99 Proclamations Of Love Chapter 87

Chapter 87: Karma Is Always Watching 7
Chapter 87: Karma Is Always Watching (7)
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"Manager, you are not going to waste our time, are you?" Tang Nuan commented snidely before the Station Manager could even respond.

Song Qingchun looked over her shoulder and retorted, "Tang Nuan, are you that afraid that you'll lose your front page position after the Manager looks at my news?"

Tang Nuan scoffed, "You must be kidding. I have the most newsworthy inside information about Xia Ji, so why would I be afraid?"

"Are you sure your piece is the most newsworthy?" Song Qingchun questioned with ease as she tossed Tang Nuan a meaningful smile. Then she turned to the Station Manager with the USB drive raised, adding, "This piece in my hand is definitely the most newsworthy piece about Xia Jia, and it is an exclusive. I promise that after this story airs, it will create a social ruckus. If you don't believe me, that's fine; you can still use Tang Nuan's piece as the front page news, but I am sure many other stations will want this piece in my hands. In fact, I will probably be offered a better position at another company with this piece alone."

The confidence showcased by Song Qingchun made the Station Manager doubt himself. "Song Qingchun, are you really so confident that I will select your story for the front page after I take a look at it?"

"Definitely," Song Qingchun confirmed easily, "Not only will you select it for the headline, many other Station Managers will select it for their headlines."

The Station Manager studied Song Qingchun for about ten seconds before extending his hand to accept the USB drive. He plugged it into the computer and put on the headphone to listen to it.

The whole meeting room was eerily quiet. Song Qingchun's gaze swept over Tang Nuan, who was still confidently sitting in her chair, probably waiting to make fun of her. Song Qingchun's lips curled into a smile before she turned back to focus on the Station Manager.

After five minutes, the Station Manager pulled off the headphones. He looked at the room before pulling out Song Qingchun's USB drive and waving it in the air, saying, "For this week's front page, we will use this."

The atmosphere in the room froze for about a minute before everyone turned to look at Tang Nuan. Feeling the room's gaze on her, Tang Nuan finally registered what the Station Manager had said. Her smile froze, and she sprung up from her seat, demanding, "Manager"

"Song Qingchun's piece really does deserve the front page." The Station Manager raised his hand at Tang Nuan, to signal her to stop talking. With unbridled excitement, he passed the USB drive to the content manager. "Work as quickly as possible to come up with the writing to go with this; we have to push this news out as soon as possible."

Then, the Station Manager turned to Song Qingchun, and the earlier dissatisfaction he had toward her melted without a trace. "Qingchun, you are amazing. Our TW Station has not had such an explosive piece in a long time!"

Song Qingchun replied with a wide grin, "Thank you manager!"

The Station Manager laughed heartily as he called for the meeting to be dismissed. He then left the room after patting Song Qingchun encouragingly on her shoulder.

Song Qingchun finally had the chance to turn to Tang Nuan. Their eyes just so happened to meet, and in the latter's eyes, there was plenty of disgruntlement.

Song Qingchun's lips curved as she returned the same condescending smile Tang Nuan had given her earlier.

Then, Song Qingchun took in Tang Nuan's darkened face and quivering lips.